Solid Waste Management Plan Review (2015 - 2016)

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The Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) update is now complete and received final approval from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy on Feb 20, 2020.  

 You can view the Final Plan here.


The Process

In British Columbia, Regional Districts are required under the Provincial Environmental Management Act to develop Solid Waste Management Plans (SWMP). These plans provide long term vision for how Regional Districts manage their solid waste.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) has begun updating our current 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan. A consulting team has been hired to assist the RDCO with development of a new plan using the following planning process:

A joint Public and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) has been formed to provide input into the new plan.  Members represent various business, community and neighbourhood organizations and provide input, feedback and recommendations to the RDCO on proposed programs and policies that will shape the future of how we manage and reduce waste in our region.

The general public will then have the opportunity to review the plan and provide important feedback in preparation for the final plan.

Stage 1 – Current Situation Evaluation (Complete)

The first stage of the review involved compiling information on our current waste management system and reviewing the success of the 2006 plan.  

View Stage One Final Report

Stage 2 – Analysis and Evaluation of Waste Management Options (Complete)

Stage 2 is the bulk of the planning process where future waste management options are proposed, evaluated and analyzed. This stage includes Waste Diversion Options, Residual Waste Management, Solid Waste System Financing and Policy Development and Preferred Options and Consultation Strategy. The options were evaluated by the joint Public and Technical Committee (PTAC) made up of various stakeholders such as member municipalities, resident groups, businesses, waste haulers, large institutions and the public at large.

Stage 3 – Plan Consultation and Finalization (Complete)

Stage 3 involved public input on the draft plan. Residents, businesses and all other stakeholders had various opportunities to provide comments. Following the public consultation that information was compiled and the Final Draft plan was prepared.  View Final Public Consultation Report 

Stage 4 - Submission and Approval of Plan (Complete)

Stage 4 included having the Regional Board approve the final draft and submitting the final plan to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.  The Ministry approved the final plan on Feb 20, 2020

Public and Technical Advisory Committee Minutes and Presentations




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