Business Waste

Businesses waste makes up 70% of the waste landfilled in the Central Okanagan, so disposing of your garbage in the most responsible way possible, both environmentally and socially, becomes increasingly important. 

This section of the website is designed to assist you in bringing your current garbage and recycling programs in line with waste diversion requirements.

Know Which Materials Are Banned (list of banned items)

Waste Disposal Options

Recycling Options for Cardboard, Paper, Plastic and Metal Food Containers:

Important: Effective December 1st, 2015 commercial recycling is no longer be accepted at the Glenmore Landfill Recycling Depot or the Westside Residential Waste and Recycling Centre Depot.

  • Hire a local waste hauler (list of haulers)
  • Self-haul to Planet Earth Recycling at 1400 Industrial Road, West Kelowna (currently the only depot accepting commercial recyclables)
  • Work with neighbouring businesses to share the cost of recycling pickup services
  • See if retailers will take back packaging from products you purchase
  • Leave recyclable materials with clients (i.e. boxes from a flooring installation)
  • Ensure your customers are aware that cardboard and other recyclables are not acceptable in the waste stream (this applies to waste haulers who pickup waste and recycling)

In May 2014 our recycling depots, including the Glenmore Landfill depot, became Recycle BC depots.  We operate them on contract with Recycle BC and are required to limit these depots to Residential recyclables only.  Additionally, our depots are funded through Recycle BC revenue, the remaining portion is funded by residential tax payers.  Commercial customers do not pay into the cost of operating these depots.

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