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Any residence or business that owns or operates an alarm system must have a valid alarm permit. Alarm permits are available from the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

The False Alarm Reduction Program is operated by the Regional District of Central Okanagan on behalf of the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas and all local governments in the Central Okanagan (City of Kelowna, City of West Kelowna, District of Lake Country, District of Peachland and Westbank First Nation).

The goal of the False Alarm Reduction Program is to reduce the number of false alarms that require police response by working with alarm companies and the public.  View Information Pamphlet

Why do we have a False Alarm Program?

The False Alarm Reduction Program was developed as a response to a request from the Kelowna RCMP in 2005 to help reduce the strain on police resources that is caused by False Alarms.  As a result of the implementation of the program through Regional District of Central Okanagan False Alarm Reduction Bylaw No. 1382 the number of false alarms in the area has been drastically reduced.

What is a False Alarm? 

False alarm means the activation of an Alarm System resulting in a response by the RCMP where there has been no unauthorized entry or commission of an unlawful act on or in relation to the building, structure, residence , or facility or where there has been no emergency situation and includes:

  1. Testing of an alarm which results in a Police Response
  2. An alarm reporting an attempted or completed criminal offence or an emergency situation occurring on or in relation to the premise in which the alarm device or system is installed, where no evidence exists or where no such event took place
  3. An alarm actually or apparently activated by mechanical failure, malfunction or faulty equipment

An alarm activated by user negligence or carelessness

Annual Alarm and Registration Fees

  • Residential - $10
  • Commercial  - $15

Register online from here (all in person registration suspended until public health pandemic ends - or visit the Regional District of Central Okanagan front counter at 1450 KLO Road in Kelowna).  

Cancel Permit Request Form

Change Alarm Providers

Please complete the Update Request Form to update the False Alarm Reduction Program of any change to your Alarm Provider.

Annual Alarm and Registration Fees

Your alarm permit must be renewed annually.  You will be sent a renewal notice approximately four weeks prior to your alarm permit renewal date.


Alarm permits are not transferable.  Alarm permits cannot be transferred to another person or property. 

Monitored Alarms versus Not Monitored Alarms

It does not matter if your alarm system is monitored or not.  If you have an alarm system in your residence or business it must be registered.

Warning Letter

The purpose of the warning letter and information sheet included with the warning letter is:

  1. Advise you that you have had three false alarms within a 12 month period and of the fine associated
  2. Provide you with the opportunity to review your alarm response policy and contact your alarm company if necessary to prevent an alarm permit suspension

For a list of the fees associated with multiple false alarms please see Schedule A - Fees.

False Alarm Appeal Process

Additional Resources

Further Questions?

There are some great websites with information regarding false alarms and alarm systems.  Two sites that you may wish to view are:

  1. Canadian Security Association (non-profit)  www.canasa.org
  2. False Alarm Reduction Association www.faraonline.org

How to Reach Us:

If you have further questions please feel free to contact the False Alarm Reduction Program at:

False Alarm Reduction Program
Phone:  250-469-6123  
Email:  alarms@rdco.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/False.Alarm.Reduction.Program/


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