Whose track is that?

Whose track is that?

Do you want to be an animal detective?

When an animal moves, a track is left behind in the mud, sand or snow. There are other ways to figure out what type of animal has been on the path. You can examine their scat or droppings; see scratches in the tree bark, look for gnawed twigs, fur, and feathers or digging in the ground. If you see a hole, that just might be an animal's den.

Look at the description of where the animal lives and match it with the tracks shown on the right side of the page! Check your answers below!

1.  Snowshoe Hare
Habitat: High mountains with deep snows. Dense second-growth forest is preferred, but swamps are also used. Forages at forest edge and in small clearings.


2.  Weasel
Habitat: Prefer dense, low ground cover to open areas. Found in habitats where their prey, rodents, occurs in high densities. Trails often lead from one rodent den to another. Travel in snow and ground burrows of other animals.


3.  Lynx
Habitat: Found in dense conifer forests interspersed with rocky ledges and downed timber, both of which are used for security and their dens. Forest edges, which provide food for the lynx's major prey, snowshoe hare, are critical.


4.  Coyote
Habitat: An animal of the open brush country, the coyote digs its den on exposed hilltops or ridges with a view of surrounding area. Where persecuted, may den in a more secluded location.


5.  Cougar
Habitat: Prefers dense cover of swamps and forests, especially with rocky ledges. Open agricultural land is not used. Rock piles, caves, and high rocky ledges are important for bearing you.


6.  Deer
Habitat: Foothills are prime habitat, where can frequent open brush interspersed with rugged terrain. Found in all vegetation zones.


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Invent your own Animal
Create a footprint for your animal, can your family or friends tell what this animal would look like or how they would travel from the footprint?

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