Water Rates

Water Rate Estimator 

This Estimator tool may help determine how your water use impacts your utility billing.  You may wish to use your past quarterly consumption as a gauge.

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(rates effective January 1, 2016)

Water Customers should direct Billing Inquiries to the Regional District Finance Department at 250-469-6239 or by email.


2016 Water Rate Structure Adjustment 

During 2015, the Regional District conducted an extensive review of rates for its six water systems.   Like most water purveyors, the costs of providing safe, quality drinking water are rising.  In order to maintain safety and drinking water quality, customers around the Okanagan are paying more.

Each of the Regional District water systems is a unique, financially independent, self-sustaining utility.  Funds generated from each system must stay within that system and cannot be transferred.

Our review showed that the user fees were not sufficient to cover current or projected operating costs and the annual operating expenses for each system were greater than the amount collected from Consumption and Basic fees.   Funding from the collected Asset Renewal charges was used to cover the increase in annual operating expenses.   Our rate adjustments ensure that annual system operations are maintained, while continuing to provide you with safe, quality drinking water.  Water customers provided feedback on the new rate options during open houses in June 2015.

On November 12th, 2015 the Regional Board  adopted individual bylaws for each of its six water systems which outline increases and restructuring of basic fees and consumption rates. The new rates took effect January 1st 2016,  designed to encourage conservation and be more equitable for low and medium water users while generating sufficient revenues to cover the full operating costs of providing service and helping each system remain financially sustainable.

The Regional Board also adopted a new Water System Regulations Bylaw No. 1370

Our Water Rate Estimator tool reflects current rates.  This may help assess your Quarterly Rates based on consumption and user fees.  As well, you may wish to check on the individual water system bylaw below to see the rates.

Water Customers should direct Billing Inquiries to the Regional District Finance Department at 250-469-6239 or by email.

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