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The Regional District administers six water distribution systems. These vary in size with the smallest system encompassing eight properties and the largest system encompassing over 500 properties. See table below.

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Falcon Ridge Water Quality Advisory Removed

After consulting with Interior Health, the Regional District of Central Okanagan has lifted a Water Quality Advisory for approximately 55 properties connected to the Falcon Ridge community water system off Highway 33. 

Turbidity in the water system source is once again within acceptable Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The advisory which has been in place since March 29th is now removed.

Customers are reminded that in order to provide adequate water supplies in system reservoirs until September 15th Stage 2 outdoor watering restrictions are in place.  Customers with even number addresses may irrigate outdoors on Saturday and Tuesday while those with odd addresses may only water outside on Sunday and Wednesday.  For hours that outdoor watering is allowed visit regionaldistrict.com/water.

For water conservation tips and more information visit the Regional District website water system webpage (regionaldistrict.com/water) or contact RDCO Environmental Services at engineer@cord.bc.ca or 250-469-6241.  To subscribe online for Regional District water quality advisories or alerts by email visit regionaldistrict.com/water.

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Stage 2 Outdoor Irrigation Restrictions

This Sunday sees the annual return to twice weekly outdoor water restrictions for the six water systems operated by the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

From June 16th until September 15th each year unless otherwise noted, Stage 2 water restrictions are in place for the Star Place, Falcon Ridge, Killiney Beach, Sunset Ranch, Upper Fintry-Shalal Road-Valley of the Sun and Westshore water systems.

Stage 2 means if needed, outdoor watering is restricted on those six systems to two days each week. RDCO water customers with even number addresses may water outdoors on Saturday and Tuesday while those with odd addresses may only irrigate outside on Sunday and Wednesday.  Communications Officer Bruce Smith says “If you don’t need to water gardens and lawns on your allotted day and time period, please don’t waste water. By following the outdoor watering restrictions, residents will help ensure that system reservoirs are replenished and there’s an adequate water supply for everyone.”

The Regional District Water Systems Regulations Bylaw No. 1370 also outlines the hours for automated and manual outdoor irrigation.  Customers with automated sprinklers should only water between midnight and 6:00 am on their designated day, while those with manual outdoor irrigation must restrict their watering to between 6:00 am and 11:00 am and 6:00 pm and midnight on their respective irrigation day.  View Complete News Release

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New Water Rates Start July 1st

The Regional Board has adopted bylaws adjusting water rates for customers of the six water utilities operated by the Regional District.  The changes in both the User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees will take place on July 1st and in January 2020, 2021 and 2022.  The last water rate adjustments were in January 2016. 

Customers were informed of the new rates by letter and to subscribers of the RDCO water e-notification program.  As well, two information meetings were held for residents affected in the Falcon Ridge and North Westside communities. The Regional District operates the Killiney Beach, Westshore Estates, Sunset Ranch, Falcon Ridge, Upper Fintry and Star Place water systems with just over 1,000 connections. 

Check out the updated Water Rate Estimator Tool to see how you may be impacted by the new rates over the next three and a half years. 

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Spring edition of 'Water Talk' Available

Our 2019 spring edition of the 'Water Talk' newsletter is now out and in the hands of water system customers.  It provides updates on the plan to adjust basic user fees and asset renewal fees in the first half of 2019, along with information about the importance of being prepared for any emergency affecting your water system.  The newsletter also introduces one of our staff members and provides conservation tips for outdoor water use.  View the current and past editions on our Water Talk page.

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The regulations for the management of the water distribution systems and the terms and conditions under which water services may be provided are set out in Bylaw 1370.  User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees vary according to the number of users and the maintenance required for each particular system.  A Consumption based water billing rate is in effect.   View Rate Structure Information.  Effective July 1, 2019 new user fees and asset management fees take for each water system.  Link to Water Rate Estimator tool

The bylaws are provided for convenience only and are not to be considered the legal document. Please consult the official version of the bylaws to ensure accuracy.

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Emergency Water Contacts

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm - 250-469-6241.

  • After Hours/Stat Holiday Emergencies Only - 250-868-5299.

Water Customers should direct Billing Inquiries to the Regional District Finance Department at 250-469-6239 or by email.

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 RDCO Water Systems (Spring 2019)

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Water System (click on name for pdf map)

# of Customer Connections 

Falcon Ridge  (water source - Mission Creek, Well - sodium hypo-chlorite injection disinfection)


Killiney Beach (water source - Okanagan Lake - sodium hypo-chlorite injection disinfection)


Dietrich/Star Place/Trepanier (water source - Trepanier Creek - sodium hypo-chlorite injection disinfection - treatment by filtration)


Westshore (water source - Okanagan Lake - sodium hypo-chlorite injection disinfection)


Sunset Ranch (water source - Groundwater well - sodium hypo-chlorite injection disinfection)


Upper Fintry, Shalal Road, Valley of the Sun 
(water source - Groundwater well - sodium hypo-chlorite injection disinfection)


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