Septic Systems

As of mid 2005 the Provincial Government introduced new regulations for sewerage (septic) systems.   The onus is on the industry and the homeowner to ensure the systems are designed, installed and maintained properly. 

For more information on septic systems, including the approval process, approved designers and installation companies and the care and maintenance of systems, please follow this link to the Interior Health Onsite Sewage page.

Septic System Care & Maintenance 

It is recommended that every 3 to 5 years your septic tank should be pumped, and your entire septic system should be inspected by septic system professionals.

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Sewage Disposal and Commercial Dumping Rates 

The Regional District of Central Okanagan Sewer Systems Bylaws No. 1315 and 1316 prohibit the disposal of any sludge, deposit, or material contained in, or originating from, any septic tanks, portable holding tanks, or recreational vehicles into the regional sewer system. 

Waste from your septic tank is to be hauled away to the Septic Receiving facility located off Beaver Lake Road in Lake Country. 

In April 2021, for the first time in six years commercial tipping fee rates for effluent treatment have been increasedBylaw No. 1479 reflects the current disposal rates. 

The biosolids generated by the treatment process are composted with wood wastes and used to create Ogogrow.   For more information on the production of Ogogrow or on where to purchase it, click here.

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