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Election 2018
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Local Government Election will be on October 20th, 2018.


This represents the opportunity for qualified voters to exercise their democratic freedom in selecting the candidates of their choice to make decisions on their behalf.  The Regional District of Central Okanagan will be holding elections for qualified voters in the two Electoral Areas for a four year term:

To elect ONE Regional Director to represent residents in each of the unincorporated areas:

  • Central Okanagan East Electoral Area 
  • Central Okanagan West Electoral Area

In addition, they will be able to elect ONE School District No. 23 Trustee to represent them for a four year term in:

  • Zone 1  (Central Okanagan East Electoral Area and District of Lake Country)
  • Zone 2  (Central Okanagan West Electoral Area and District of Peachland)


The information posted on our webpages covers:

  • Information for Candidates - for each election.

  • Who Can Vote? - Voter Qualifications and Requirements for each election along with a map to help determine election residency.

  • When To Vote? - Dates, Times and Locations of Advance and General Polls for each election.

  • Where To Vote? - Locations of Advance and General Polls for each election.

  • How To Vote? - Required Identification and Information on what you need in order to receive a ballot to vote for each election.

  • Past Results- Results from previous Elections and Referenda

You may also check the BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website for information such as various Guides and other links about Local Government Elections.


For more information please contact the Regional District of Central Okanagan Election officials: 

Regional District of Central Okanagan | 1450 KLO Road | Kelowna, BC V1W 3Z4
Ph: 250-763-4918 | Fax: 250-763-0606 | Email: info@cord.bc.ca
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Closed Holidays)