Alternative Approval Process

Okanagan Regional Library proposed borrowing for a new west kelowna branch

Staff report on Alternative Approval Process (July 26 Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted two bylaws allowing the RDCO to borrow a maximum of $8-million from the Municipal Finance Authority on behalf of the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) to build a new branch in West Kelowna. 

Final adoption follows the successful completion of an Alternative Approval Process which saw three electors submit response forms opposing the borrowing.  At least 16,478 eligible electors had to indicate their opposition in order to require the Regional Board to hold a referendum before approving the bylaws. The ORL has agreed to pay all debt and costs associated with the borrowing which will not have any impact on the RDCO budget.

General Alternative Approval Process Information

For some matters, local governments are required to obtain the approval of electors or a participating area, before the regional board may proceed with its decision.  The Alternative Approval Process provides electors with an opportunity to indicate whether they do not support certain proposals going ahead.  This process of gauging public opinion and elector support is less time consuming and less costly than a referendum and can be used whenever approval is needed for certain types of proposed bylaws, agreements or other matters.

Should there be an Alternative Approval Process, you will find information on it here. 

For More Information On The Alternative Approval Process Please Contact:

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