Bylaw Offence Notices & Adjudication

The Regional District of Central Okanagan is participating in the Southern Interior Bylaw Adjudication Program. We’re partnering with Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland, West Kelowna, Oliver, Penticton, the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, Summerland and Vernon.

This is a simpler, speedier and less costly method of resolving minor bylaw infractions and disputes that otherwise could possibly end up in the Provincial and Supreme Court system.

All Regional District of Central Okanagan bylaws are included in the Bylaw Dispute Adjudication Program except those involving Aggressive and Dangerous Dog incidents, which are often more complex and require a higher burden of proof and often result in stricter measures of control, such as that provided through the court system.

Through the Bylaw Adjudication Program, disputing an Offence Notice could possibly be resolved in one month, as opposed to six months or longer through the regular court system. The Bylaw Adjudication Program provides an alternative resolution process, but doesn’t replace the existing Municipal Ticketing Infraction (MTI) System.

How Bylaw Adjudication Works

Anyone receiving a Bylaw Offence Notice has the opportunity to dispute violations outside the court system through an independent adjudicator who will hear all disputes.

Should you wish to dispute your Offence Notice, please complete the Dispute/Request for Adjudication section on the back of your Offence Notice and submit it within 14 days of receiving the notice, to the Regional District of Central Okanagan in one of the following ways:

  • In person/By mail: Regional District of Central Okanagan, 1450 KLO Road, Kelowna, B.C. V1W 3Z4
  • By email:

Disputes Will Be Handled In A Three Step Process:

  1. After the Regional District receives the Dispute/Request for Adjudication, one of the RDCO’s appointed Screening Officers will review the incident. The Screening Officer will contact the ticket holder or person disputing the Offence Notice to present their side of the incident. The Screening Officer will then review the Bylaw Offence Notice and either revoke or uphold the notice. If the notice is upheld, the person disputing the ticket may choose to either pay the fine or request that the notice go to an adjudicator.
  2. If the person disputing the Offence Notice chooses the adjudication process, they will be contacted by a Dispute Coordinator who will confirm the file is complete and will request additional information if needed. An adjudication date will be scheduled based on the Adjudication Calendar and the Dispute Coordinator will confirm the preferred method of participation: in person, by phone or in writing.
  3. A date and time for the adjudication will be provided to the disputant. Most hearings will be conducted at Kelowna City Hall, 1435 Water Street. Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 1J4 (or an alternate location) and the disputant will be advised. The person disputing the Offence Notice and the Bylaw Officer are not required to appear in person. Representation for the disputant may be made in writing or over the phone. Documentation from the Regional District may be presented in support of the notice.

Independent adjudicators will determine whether a bylaw infraction did or did not occur. If the Adjudicator determines the infraction occurred, the full penalty will be applied as well as an adjudication fee of $25. If the Adjudicator determines that no infraction occurred, no fine will be applied. The Adjudicator does not have the authority to modify the offence or the penalty.


How to Pay a Bylaw notice (ticket)

In Person

Please bring your Bylaw Offence Notice and payment to the Cashier located on the main floor of the Regional District of Central Okanagan office, 1450 KLO Road in Kelowna during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm excluding Statutory Holidays.

We accept payments by credit, cash, debit, cheque, money order or bank draft.


Contact the Finance Department at 250-469-6221 to make arrangements to pay online by credit cards or Visa Debit.

Drop Box

Outside of normal business hours, please include your Bylaw Offence Notice and payment by cheque, money order or bank draft in a sealed envelope, and drop it into the Deposit Box located beside the front door of the Regional District office, 1450 KLO Road in Kelowna.


Please include your Bylaw Offence Notice and payment by cheque or money order (do not mail cash), payable to Regional District of Central Okanagan and mail to:

Regional District of Central Okanagan
1450 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC   V1W 3Z4

Postmarks are not accepted as proof of date of payment, so please ensure payment is delivered before the payment due date. Additional charges will apply to NSF cheques. NSF cheques or invalid cheques will not be considered payment of the penalty before the due date.

If the Offence Notice is not paid, is not disputed or an adjudication hearing has not been requested within 14 days, the opportunity to dispute the Notice is lost and the penalty will immediately become due and payable to the Regional District. Please ensure prompt payment.

If after 14 days the Offence Notice has not been paid and a request for Adjudication has not been made, a letter will be sent providing a final opportunity to pay. If payment is not received after a further 28 days, the Notice may be forwarded for collection and/or court action.



For more information on bylaws, bylaw infractions, ticketing and disputing an Offence Notice and the Bylaw Adjudication Program, please contact our Bylaw Enforcement staff at 250-763-4918.


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Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Closed Holidays)