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Rebates of $250 are available!  Find Out More

Since 2001, the Central Okanagan has been offering the Wood Stove Exchange Program in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment to encourage citizens to exchange their old woodstove for an EPA certified wood stove  (approved pellet, electric or gas hearth product) to prevent air pollution in the region. This effort has helped 1,858 residents within RDCO, RDNO and RDOS to exchange their old, non-EPA certified wood stoves for new technology products; resulting in particulate matter reduction of up to 113 tonnes per year (based on BC Ministry of Environment reduction estimates). 

Exchange your old Wood Stove, improve your health, get a $250 rebate and save money! 


  • Visit your local participating retailer
  • Choose an EPA-certified wood burning appliance; EPA certified wood, pellet, electric or gas burning hearth product (freestanding or fireplace insert).
  • Year-round discounts could also apply to specific models and brands. Be sure the model you choose is EPA certified and comply with the CAN/CSA B415.1 standards!
  • Recycle your old wood stove.  Retailers can help you with the recycling paperwork or provide related information.
  • Obtain a proper building permit from your local government for legal installation
  • Retailers will help you to fill out the appropriate RDCO Tracking form and they will send the paperwork to the RDCO
  • You will receive a $250 cheque directly to your mailing address with a "Burn it Smart"  DVD and a Guide to Residential Wood Heating
  • For certified appliances bought through different retailers, contact the Air Quality Coordinator (250-469-8408). If you already bought a certified appliance through a different retailer, you can still get the rebate! Contact the Air Quality Coordinator for details.

Did you know?
That since 1998, it is illegal to install a non-EPA wood burning appliance within the Central Okanagan.  

Participating Retailers 2017  (proper permits required for installation)

Okanagan Fireplace Den
3 – 1753 Dolphin Ave.
Kelowna, BC    V1Y 8A6
(250) 862-5162 www.okfireplaceden.ca/

Ace Fireplaces

1782 Baron Road
Kelowna, BC V1X 7G9
(250) 861-6696 www.acefireplaces.ca/


Okanagan Rock World
2695 Kyle Road
West Kelowna, BC    V1Z 2M9
(250) 769-7250 www.okrockworld.com/

Premium Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning
#104-470 Neave Crt.
Kelowna, BC    V1V 2M2
(778) 753-2288 www.premiumcomfort.ca/

OK Builders Supplies Masonry Divison
929 McCurdy Road
Kelowna, BC    V1X 2P9
(250) 765-6454  www.okbuilders.ca/Main.htm

Okanagan Home Center 
Kelowna Location
2A-2720 Hwy 97 N. Kelowna, V1X 4J1 Across from Orchard Ford.  
(250) 448-0617.  www.okhomecenter.ca/

White's Barbecue and Fireplace Centre
#160- 2000 Spall Road
Kelowna, BC  V1Y 9P6
(250) 862-3240  www.barbecueandfireplacecentre.com/

The Fireplace Place
140 Gray Road
Kelowna, BC, V1X 1W7
(250) 763-2665 www.thefireplaceplace.ca/          

Why should I exchange my old wood stove?

Old wood burning appliances burn inefficiently and create more air pollution than new appliances. According to Bylaw 773 only wood burning appliances (included without limitation stoves, fireplaces inserts or wood boilers) that meet the emission standards CAN/CSA B415.1 or the EPA standards could be granted a permit to be installed within the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

In September 2016 the previous Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation was repealed and replaced with a new regulation that came into force November 1, 2016.

There are several effective ways to reduce air pollutants. Natural gas and electricity are much cleaner ways to heat a home. Proper insulation and weather stripping can cost less than a wood stove and reduce heating costs. If you are planning to install a new heating device, choose cleaner and more efficient heating (non-wood burning) devices.

If you must use wood, the EPA-certified wood burning appliances heat more efficiently, using about 1/3 less wood and creating 90% less smoke. When used correctly, it is possible to burn without creating any visible smoke. The Wood Burning Best Practices provide great information and videos to assist you in burning cleaner.     


Home Insurance

BEFORE you replace your old wood burning appliance, contact your insurance company to learn if you can save on home insurance (by qualifying as a secondary heat source) AND to find out if your insurance company imposes any additional requirements (such as a WETT inspection).

For more information on the Wood Stove Exchange Program and how wood smoke impacts our environment, go to bcairquality.ca.

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Wood Burning Best Practices

Scientific and medical research proves that wood smoke contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health. Moreover, burning wood is no longer the most efficient way to heat your home, thanks to the invention and rise in popularity of high-efficiency home-heating systems. 

If you still heat your home with wood, following proper burning practices will help you use less wood, save money and prevent excessive smoke so that everyone can enjoy better health.  

Highly visible smoke from your chimney is a sign that you may be operating your stove incorrectly. Watch these wood burning videos for great advice on getting the most out of your wood burning appliance!  

Source: www.hpba.org 

Source: www.hpba.org 

Source: www.hpba.org 

Source: www.hpba.org 


Source: www.hpba.org 

Source: www.hpba.org 

Source: www.hpba.org 

Also you can print and follow the Wood Burning Best Practices to dry firewood, the Myths and Facts or download the Guide to Residential Wood Heating  

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Additional Environment Canada Wood Heating Video Links
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