Central Okanagan West

This electoral area encompasses the mostly rural, unincorporated area on the west side of Okanagan Lake, outside the municipal boundaries of the City of West Kelowna and District of Peachland.  Westbank First Nation Reserves #9 and #10 are included within the boundary of the electoral area, however the Westbank First Nation is an independent, self-sustaining government.  (Map)

There are a number of communities within the Electoral Area including many along Westside Road (Traders Cove, Killiney Beach, Wilson’s Landing, Westshore Estates, Fintry, Valley of the Sun), the area also includes two areas outside the District of Peachland: the Trepanier Valley and Brent Road.

Throughout the Electoral Area, the RDCO Zoning Bylaw applies and is supplemented by the Brent Road-Trepanier Official Community Plan and the Rural Westside Official Community Plan.

There are also two Fire Protection Areas with paid on call fire services provided by the North Westside Fire Rescue and Wilson’s Landing Fire Department.

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Area Size:  124,756 hectares

Population:  1,981 (plus 9,028 on WFN Reserves #9  and #10 - 2016 Census)

Electoral Area Director:  Wayne Carson

Local Services and Estimated Tax Requisition and Rates (2018 Financial Plan)

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Electoral Area News

2018-2022 Financial Plan Adopted  (March 26 Regional Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted its 2018 - 2022 Financial Plan bylaw which brings a decrease in the Regional District portion of the tax bills for many average property owners.  The 2018 operating budget totals just over $65.96-million which includes $30.7-million for operations, $5.7-million to reserves for future capital projects and $29.5-million in Municipal Finance Authority debt payments including $26.5-million on behalf of member municipalities.  This year $15.2-million will be spent on important capital and infrastructure projects.  

For the average property owner in Central Okanagan West, total taxes for the 28 general services provided by the Regional District throughout the Electoral Area will be $593.44.  Thats a decrease of $31.86 from 2017.    It's important to note that taxes can vary further depending on whether a property receives additional services from the Regional District, such as fire protection (Ellison/Joe Rich) or participation in a community hall (Ellison/ Joe Rich).   

Community Works Fund Approval

The Regional Board has approved the use of Gas Tax Community Works Funds for four new projects in the electoral areas this year.  $135,000 will be used in the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area for flood improvements to community parks in Killiney Beach and the Fintry boat launch.  As well, $50,000 will be provided for work related to the Fur Brigade Trail.  In the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area, $5,000 will be used to fund LED lighting for the Joe Rich Fire Department and $7,000 for the Sports Box at Scotty Creek Community Park. 

Special Event Permits Approved

The Regional Board has approved four Special Event Permits for the Kelowna Dirt Bike Club at its facility adjacent to Bear Creek Forest Service Road.  The special race events are exempt from provisions of the Noise Bylaw.  One event will be held next month:  April 14th – 15th and two are planned for the weekends of May 5th – 6th and May 19th and 20th.  A final event is planned June 16th – 17th.  All other activities at the track including practises are subject to a mutual consent order which restricts bikes to a maximum sound of 96 decibels.

Proposed Provincial Speculation Tax  (March 8th Board meeting)

The Regional Board Directors have discussed the potential impact of the proposed Provincial Government property speculation tax.  At this point Community Services staff indicates that the only areas within the Central Okanagan mentioned in the Provincial Budget for the tax are the cities of Kelowna and West Kelowna.  Staff will continue to monitor this and provide further information to the Board as it becomes available.

Land Use Contract Discharge/Zoning bylaws 

The Regional Board has given first reading to a proposed Land Use Contract Amendment Bylaw and a Zoning Amendment Bylaw.  If approved, the changes would discharge Land Use Contract No. 277 affecting 22 private properties and one Crown land parcel in the Trepanier area of the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area and see new land use designations put in place for each property under the Regional District Zoning Bylaw.  A Public Hearing will be scheduled and advertised for this application initiated by the Community Services department.  The Local Government Act requires that all Land Use Contracts will be terminated on June 30, 2024 and all local governments must provide zoning for affected properties before June 30, 2022.

Electoral Area Director Convention Approval  (February 8th Regional Board meeting)
The Regional Board has approved Central Okanagan West Director Wayne Carson’s attendance, registration and travel expenses for the Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA), Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) conventions.  The Board has also approved Central Okanagan East Alternate Director Mark Bartyik’s attendance, registration and travel costs for the SILGA and UBCM conventions.

North Westside Issues and Review Costs
The Regional Board has received a report from staff detailing the cost of the North Westside Services and Issues Review.  The total cost of the review was just over $33,643 and the Province provided a grant of $20,000.  Net costs of just over $13,644 will be allocated to the 2017 service budget through taxation, the prior year surplus and grant in lieu of taxes.  Included in these costs is staff time and overtime to assist the consultant and almost $7,700 to mail out a survey for the consultant.

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