Central Okanagan West

This electoral area encompasses the mostly rural, unincorporated area on the west side of Okanagan Lake, outside the municipal boundaries of the City of West Kelowna and District of Peachland.  Westbank First Nation Reserves #9 and #10 are included within the boundary of the electoral area, however the Westbank First Nation is an independent, self-sustaining government.  (Map)

There are a number of communities within the Electoral Area including many along Westside Road (Traders Cove, Killiney Beach, Wilson’s Landing, Westshore Estates, Fintry, Valley of the Sun), the area also includes two areas outside the District of Peachland: the Trepanier Valley and Brent Road.

Throughout the Electoral Area, the RDCO Zoning Bylaw applies and is supplemented by the Brent Road-Trepanier Official Community Plan and the Rural Westside Official Community Plan.

There are also two Fire Protection Areas with paid on call fire services provided by the North Westside Fire Rescue and Wilson’s Landing Fire Department.

Area Information

Electoral Area News


Area Size:  124,756 hectares

Population:  1,981 (plus 9,028 on WFN Reserves #9  and #10 - 2016 Census)

Electoral Area Director:  Wayne Carson - email Email - 250-801-4859

Local Services and Estimated Tax Requisition and Rates (2019 Financial Plan)

2018 Economic Profile - Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission

Electoral Area Community Parks: 

Community Halls:  

Water Systems

Provincial Amenities


Electoral Area News 

2020 - 2024 Budget Timeline (October 28th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has received information on the meetings and process for approval of the 2020 – 2024 Budget. This includes two opportunities for in-person public comment and input on the mornings of February 20th and March 12th. As well, opportunities for feedback will be available online and through direct contact with Financial Services staff.  Final consideration and adoption is scheduled for the evening Regional Board meeting on Monday, March 23rd.

FrontCounter BC Application

The Regional Board does not support an application made to FrontCounter BC for a License of Occupation to permit an existing concrete apron along the Okanagan Lake foreshore on a property in the 1800 block, Banff Road.  The applicant has proposed removing a concrete boat launch, leaving a small apron in front of a two-storey boathouse to protect the building foundation.   The boathouse location doesn’t comply with an existing Development Permit or Provincial approval issued in 1988.

Regional Housing Needs Assessment

The Regional Board has endorsed the Regional Housing Needs Assessment.  It’s a recent requirement of the Local Government Act and was identified as a key initiative in the five-year Regional Growth Strategy Priority Projects Plan. The Assessment was developed over the past 11 months through collaboration with local government partners, the public and other stakeholders as a descriptive analysis of the current housing needs and issues across the region.  The Regional Housing Needs Assessment may be used as a planning tool and resource.

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Gas Tax Funding Received  (August 26th Regional Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has received a letter from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) which administers funding to local government from the Canada-BC Community Works Fund.  The RDCO will receive just over $1,080,617 in gas tax funding to be allocated to the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West electoral areas for eligible projects.  The funding includes a one-time payment identified in the Federal budget of $705,850.

Planning Application

The Regional Board has approved the following application:

  • Development Variance Permit for 9233 Winchester Road - VP-19-06 for R Stock & M Thiemer

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Development Permit Application (July 29th Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has refused a Development Permit Application from Lake Okanagan Resort because the proposal doesn’t conform to the existing Land Use Contract (LUC) for the property.  The applicant proposed building 14 two-level duplex chalets on the 50-acre parcel located at 2751 Westside Road North.  The Board has asked Community Services staff to work with the applicant on a bylaw that would first discharge the LUC and a zoning amendment bylaw that would ensure proper zoning designations are in place. 

Planning Applications

The Regional Board has approved the following applications:

  • Development Variance Permit for 9257 Winchester Road - VP-19-05 A & L Dahl

Fire Department Presentations

The former Chief of the Wilson’s Landing Fire Department was presented with a 10 year RDCO service medal.  Don Bennison recently retired after serving more than 14 years with the department.  New Chief Ronaye Beck was introduced to the Regional Board.

Program and Service Highlights

The Regional Board viewed a video update highlighting various service and program accomplishments from April through June this year aligning with the new Board Strategic Priorities 2019 - 2022.  The video can be viewed on the RDCO YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/regionaldistrict.

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Strategic Priorities 2019 - 2022  (July 18th Regional Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has approved a new Strategic Priorities 2019 – 2022 document. It identifies four priority areas of the Regional Board:  Transportation and Mobility; Sustainable Communities; Economic Development and Environment.  It will guide staff as they develop operational work plans and Capital projects that align with those priorities.  The document also outlines how success will be measured in the priority areas over the next four years.   View the document online at www.regionaldistrict.com/Board

Emergency Program Updates

The Regional Board has adopted a new Emergency Program Bylaw.  It reflects the current operational guidelines and experiences learned in responding to larger scale emergencies over the past 24 plus years, when the first bylaw was adopted. 

In addition, the Regional Board has given three readings to a new Preparation for Emergencies Bylaw.  This bylaw also updates and modernizes the original bylaw from 1991 and includes a description of the service, reflects participating areas and provides additional cost recovery methods.  This bylaw will be considered for final adoption by the Board after receiving approval from participating local governments and the Provincial Inspector of Municipalities.

Recreational Site/Trail Referral

The Regional Board has given conditional approval to an application submitted to FrontCounter BC.  The Ministry of Forests Recreation Site and Trails Branch proposes to build, maintain, rehabilitate and legally designate an existing recreation site and hiking trails on 48 hectares of Crown land at Sugarloaf Mountain. Should the Province consider approval, the Regional Board requests that source water be protected; pit toilets comply with sewage regulations and that any construction falling within the BC Building Code will require a permit from the Regional District.

West Kelowna Service Participation

The Regional Board has received an information report regarding history and participation of some residents in the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area in funding of the City of West Kelowna’s Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre and Westside Seniors Activity Centre.  Both facilities were transferred to the City when it incorporated in 2007.  Some electoral area residents are being taxed for services they claim they don’t use.  The report will be forwarded to the city for its consideration.

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Acting Chief for Wilson's Landing Fire Department  (RDCO News Release)

A new Acting Fire Chief has been named by the Regional District of Central Okanagan for the Wilson’s Landing Fire Department.

Effective July 1st, Ronaye Beck will take over the Chief’s duties on an interim basis for the paid on-call department.  She’s been Deputy Chief with the department since mid-2017.    

This interim appointment comes with the planned retirement of Chief Don Bennison on June 30th.  He’s been Chief of the Wilson’s Landing department since late June 2017.

Regional District Fire Services Manager Ross Kotscherofski says “Don’s planned retirement comes at a time when the department is running smoothly, much to his credit and leadership.  Over the past two years, Don’s helped guide the department with increased training and the recruitment of many new members.  In both areas, his oversight has brought a new vitality to the department, which recently began offering Medical First Response services to residents throughout the Wilson’s Landing Fire Protection Area.  We thank Don for his service as Chief, and Deputy Chief and more than 14 years as a member of the department.”

Kotscherofski adds, “With Ronaye stepping up as Acting Chief it ensures that there’s consistency in leadership and training for those paid-on-call fire department members who remain committed to serving their community.  She’s played a major role in many department responses including several wildfires.”

A process to select a new Wilson’s Landing Fire Chief will begin soon.

The department provides fire suppression and Medical First Response services to Westside Road communities from Trader’s Cove to Shelter Cove including Lake Okanagan Resort.

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Financial Disclosure Statements (June 24th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has approved the 2018 report outlining remuneration and expenses for elected officials, their alternates and 30 staff whose remuneration was greater than $75,000.  In 2018, the remuneration of all Regional District employees totaled just over $8.7-million.  The report also outlines payments totaling over $19.9-million during 2018 to 100 suppliers for goods and services exceeding $25,000.

A copy is available for viewing online at regionaldistrict.com/budgets and at Financial Services in the Regional District office, 1450 KLO Road, Kelowna

Planning Applications 

The Regional Board has approved the following applications:

  • Development Variance Permit (VP-19-03) – P and B Uppal – 2711 and 2735 Lakha Road
  • Development Variance Permit (VP-19-04) – R and C Denison – 3595 Westside Road N.

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New Water Rates Start July 1st  (June 13th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted bylaws adjusting water rates for customers of the six water utilities operated by the Regional District.  The changes in both the User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees will take place on July 1st and in January 2020, 2021 and 2022.  The last water rate adjustments were in January 2016.  Customers were informed of the new rates by letter and to subscribers of the RDCO water e-notification program.  As well, two information meetings were held for residents affected in the Falcon Ridge and North Westside communities. The Regional District operates the Killiney Beach, Westshore Estates, Sunset Ranch, Falcon Ridge, Upper Fintry and Star Place water systems with just over 1,000 connections.

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Proposed Water Rate Updates  (May 9th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has given first reading (May 9th) to bylaws that propose increases in water rates for customers of the six water utilities operated by the regional district.  The last water rate adjustments took place in January 2016 and if the new rates are approved, changes in both the User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees would take place on July 1st this year and in January 2020, 2021 and 2022.  Customers will be informed of the rate adjustments over the next month before the Regional Board considers final approval of the new rate schedules in June.  The Regional District operates the Killiney Beach, Westshore Estates, Sunset Ranch, Falcon Ridge, Upper Fintry and Star Place water systems with just over 1,000 connections. 

Secondary Suites Bylaw Amendments

The Regional Board has given first readings to bylaws amending secondary suite regulations and permitted zoning designations for both the RDCO Zoning Bylaw No. 871 and the Joe Rich Rural Land Use Bylaw No. 1195.  The amendments would clarify secondary suite regulations and strengthen servicing requirements while continuing with the current process of the Board considering individual secondary suite applications.  The Board approved a motion for a moratorium on secondary suite rezoning applications until the bylaw amendment process is completed.  A Public Hearing will be scheduled and advertised for these proposed bylaw changes.

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Program Highlights for January through March (April 29th Board meeting)

A video is available highlighting various service and program accomplishments during the first three months of the year.  The video can be viewed on the RDCO YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/regionaldistrict

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 2019 - 2023 Financial Plan Adopted (March 25th Regional Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted its 2019 - 2023 Financial Plan bylaw. The 2019 operating budget totals just over $58.92-million which includes $18.8-million in Municipal Finance Authority debt payments including $18.5-million on behalf of member municipalities.  This year $9.5-million will be spent on important capital and infrastructure projects including $1.9-million for flood recovery work in several regional parks. The details may be viewed online at: www.regionaldistrict.com/budgets.

The Regional District is the local government for residents in the two electoral areas providing them with 28 general services such as Fire Prevention, Planning, Community Parks, Building Inspection and Bylaw Enforcement.  These services account for an average tax impact of $634.61 for those in the Central Okanagan West Electoral area.  The general service tax increases would have been higher if it hadn’t been for a successful appeal by the regional district to the Okanagan Regional Library which agreed to use more accurate population statistics in its funding allocation formula, further reducing the average household’s proposed tax increase.  Large reductions in requisitions for Electoral Area Planning and Electoral Area Expenses have partially offset increases for Electoral Area Fire Prevention, Building Inspection, General Bylaw Enforcement and Regional and Community Parks.

Specific communities within the electoral areas also fund additional services received from four paid-on-call fire departments, three community halls and six water systems that connect almost 1,000 properties.

Regional Hospital District Budget Approved

The Central Okanagan Regional Hospital District Board has adopted its 2019 – 2023 Financial Plan.  For the third straight year, there is no increase for the average homeowner and no increases are anticipated for the next five years.  The average residential home assessed at $739,000 will pay $183.02 towards capital improvements and new health equipment in the Central Okanagan.  The 2019 budget includes $11.39-million for health-related capital project funding.

Community Works Fund Approval

The Regional Board has approved the use of Gas Tax Community Works Funds for six new projects in the electoral areas this year.  $12,000 will be used in the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area for a swim raft in Killiney Beach Community Park.

Development Variance Permit 

Approved for 3985N Westside Road - (VP-10-02) P & S Eisenhut 

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Wilson's Landing First Medical Response and Community Open House - Monday April 1st - 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Stn 42 fire hall, 2396 Westside Rd. North.  Come out and celebrate the fire department providing this new First Medical Response program for communities within its service area along Westside Road.  View Poster and Event Details

Wilson's Landing Firefighter Recruitment Night - Wed. Apr. 10th 6:30-8:30pm Stn 42 fire hall, 2396 Westside Rd. North.
View Poster and Event Details

Boundary Extension Supported (March 14th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board supports a request from the District of Peachland to extend its boundary to include a property within the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area.  If approved by the province, the 16.6-hectare Crown land parcel would be included within the boundary and jurisdiction of the municipality.  The property is the site of Peachland’s water intake facility and soon to be constructed water treatment plant.

Medical First Responder Program Bylaw (February 25th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has approved a new bylaw that will see the Wilson’s Landing Fire Department provide medical first responder services within the fire service area.  Members of the department have been training and acquiring equipment in order to provide this critical life-saving program.  Funding for the program is included in the 2019-2023 Financial Plan and if approved by the Regional Board it’s anticipated the service will be available starting April 1st

New Community Parks Bylaw (February 14th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted a new bylaw regulating Community Parks in the two electoral areas.  The bylaw replaces the previous one that was last amended in 2006 and reflects changes in the parks system.  The new bylaw increases the evening hours that the 20 smaller community parks will be open year-round.  It also updates the no smoking restrictions to prohibit vaping and gatherings of 25 or more people will require a permit.  As with the recently adopted Regional Parks bylaw, the Parks Director has the authority to issue permits for First Nations ceremonial, cultural and social purposes in RDCO Community Parks.

Regional Grants-in-Aid

The Regional Board has approved the following Central Okanagan West Electoral Area Grants-in-Aid to the North Westside Communities Association:

  • $800 for Children’s Easter Egg Hunt/Community BBQ – April 20th
  • $800 for Canada Day celebration – July 1st
  • $1,500 for soccer equipment for the North Westside Sports Club

Fire Protection Area Expanded

The Regional Board has approved a Fire Services Agreement with the District of Peachland.  The municipality asked to expand its fire service area boundary to include its Water Treatment Plant located in the 5400 block of Pierce Place at no cost to the Regional District

Electoral Area Directors 2019 Conventions

The Regional Board approved the attendance and expenses of Directors Mark Bartyik and Wayne Carson for the Southern Interior Local Government Association, Union of BC Municipalities and Federation of Canadian Municipalities conventions.

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Secondary Suite Regulations (January 10th Regional Board meeting)

The Regional Board has directed staff to move forward with a technical stakeholder review and to prepare bylaws for a proposed secondary suite policy application approval process.  That would make the Regional District consistent with other Okanagan local governments.  Last year, a public survey was conducted for electoral area property owners on the potential changes which include permitting secondary suites in specific zones by policy rather than a formal zoning bylaw amendment process that requires Board approval.  As well, the requirement for connecting breezeways would be eliminated and a one-hectare minimum lot size would be implemented to address existing and future servicing requirements.  The Board has asked for additional information on how the proposed changes could impact rentals, septic and other site servicing requirements and that following the technical review, the proposed changes will be presented for consideration by the Governance and Services Committee.

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