Central Okanagan East

This electoral area encompasses the mostly rural, unincorporated area on the east side of Okanagan Lake, outside the municipal boundaries of the City of Kelowna and District of Lake Country.  (Map)

There are a number of communities within the Electoral Area including Ellison, Joe Rich and neighbourhoods along the south end of Lakeshore Road and June Springs.

Throughout the Electoral Area, the RDCO Zoning Bylaw applies and is supplemented by the South Slopes Official Community Plan, Ellison Official Community Plan and Joe Rich Rural Land Use Bylaw.

There are also two Fire Protection Areas with paid on call fire services provided by the Ellison Fire Department and Joe Rich Fire Rescue Department.

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Area Size:  127,109 hectares

Population:  3,824 (2016 Census)

Electoral Area Director:  Patty Hanson

Local Services and Estimated Tax Requisition and Rates (2018 Financial Plan)

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Water Systems

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Electoral Area News

2018-2022 Financial Plan Adopted  (March 26 Regional Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has adopted its 2018 - 2022 Financial Plan bylaw which brings a decrease in the Regional District portion of the tax bills for many average property owners.  The 2018 operating budget totals just over $65.96-million which includes $30.7-million for operations, $5.7-million to reserves for future capital projects and $29.5-million in Municipal Finance Authority debt payments including $26.5-million on behalf of member municipalities.  This year $15.2-million will be spent on important capital and infrastructure projects.  

For the average property owner in Central Okanagan East, total taxes for the 28 general services provided by the Regional District throughout the Electoral Area will be $474.92.  Thats a decrease of $1.53 from 2017.    It's important to note that taxes can vary further depending on whether a property receives additional services from the Regional District, such as fire protection (Ellison/Joe Rich) or participation in a community hall (Ellison/ Joe Rich).   

Conditional Support for ALC Application  (February 26 Regional Board Meeting)

The Regional Board has given conditional support to an application made to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for approval of a non-farm use on an Ellison-area property. The applicant is asking the ALC to allow infilling of a ravine on the 3.7-hectare parcel at 2624 Lakha Road so that the existing agricultural operation can be expanded. The Regional Board asks that if the ALC approves the application, that the applicant meets several conditions including an evaluation of possible drainage impacts on adjacent properties, a no building covenant is registered on title and that earthworks are satisfactory to the Black Mountain Irrigation District.

Electoral Area Director Convention Approval  (February 8th Regional Board meeting)
The Regional Board has approved Central Okanagan West Director Wayne Carson’s attendance, registration and travel expenses for the Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA), Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) conventions.  The Board has also approved Central Okanagan East Alternate Director Mark Bartyik’s attendance, registration and travel costs for the SILGA and UBCM conventions.

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