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Bylaw List:

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Consolidated Brent Road -Trepanier Official Community Plan Bylaw No . 1303, 2012
Consolidated Building Bylaw 835
Consolidated Business Licensing Bylaw 689
Consolidated Community Parks Regulation Bylaw 1106
Consolidated Fire Prevention And Regulations Bylaw 1066
Consolidated Noise Bylaw 403
Consolidated Noxious Insect And Pest Infest Control Bylaw 879
Consolidated Noxious Weeds Bylaw 179
Consolidated Recreation Facilities Regulation Bylaw 1107
Consolidated Regional Parks Regulation Bylaw 1105
Consolidated Smoke Control Bylaw 773
Consolidated South Slopes OCPBylaw No .1304
Consolidated Westbank Sewage Specified Area Development Cost Charge Bylaw No . 401
Solid Waste Management Regulation Bylaw 1253
Consolidated Rural Westside OCP Bylaw 1274
Consolidated Procedures Bylaw 944
Consolidated Board Procedures Bylaw No 1378
Consolidated Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No 1326
Consolidated Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw 435
Consolidated Joe Rich Rural land Use Bylaw No 1195
Consolidated Zoning Bylaw No . 871
Consolidated Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw 1343
Consolidated Ellison OCP Bylaw No 1124
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