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Audio is available for Regional District Board and Governance and Service Committee meetings - MP3 files will be available in the days following a Regional Board and Governance and Services Committee meeting.  Please select the appropriate Board meeting date file or Governance and Services Committee meeting date file to link to the Audio MP3 file for that meeting.  To listen you may require the free Windows Media Player.


 Wild Walks

Join in on ‘Wild Walks’ and learn some secrets and natural features of various Regional Parks.   Our Park interpreter will turn an ordinary walk in the park into something extraordinary! 

Each ‘Wild Walks’ lasts approximately 90 minutes, is suitable for all ages and range from easy to moderate.  Participants should dress for the conditions, wear appropriate sturdy footwear and don’t forget the sunscreen!  There’s no cost to take part but please pre-register for ‘Wild Walks’ on the following dates and locations:

  • Saturday, October 19th at 10:00 am and Wednesday, October 23rd at 1:00 pm take a trip through Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional Park and find out some ‘electrifying’ history of the area.

To save a spot for your family on these free ‘Wild Walks’ outings, please drop in to the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan, email eeco@rdco.com or phone 250-469-6140

(September 13, 2019)

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Kikinee Salmon Festival

Check out the displays and watch the Kokanee salmon spawning in Mission Creek during the kikinee Salmon Festival’.

The activities are being held Sunday, September 22nd at Mission Creek Regional Park (Springfield and Durnin Roads).  This free, family event runs between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm and promises to provide lots of fun for children and adults alike.

The festival will include lively performances from local entertainment, ‘fishy’ displays and activities. After you’ve had a chance to see the Kokanee in the spawning channel you can learn more at our current exhibit “Fins and Fur” inside the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan.

For more information visit the Regional District website rdco.com/parksevents, or you can contact the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(September 13, 2019)

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What's the future hold for Mission Creek Regional Park?

You’re encouraged to share your thoughts and help the Regional District as it updates its plan to manage Mission Creek Regional Park.

The new long-term Management Plan for the park will help guide the Regional District with future development and amenities in the 92-hectare forested park in the heart of Kelowna.

On behalf of RDCO Parks Services, members of the management plan consulting team will be attending the kikinee Salmon Festival in the park on Sunday, September 22nd from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  They’ll ask people attending to share information about how they use the park.

Information about the Park Management Plan process and future opportunities for involvement can be followed on the Regional District website:  rdco.com/planourparks .

The Regional District protects over 2,100 hectares in 30 regional and 20 community parks for the enjoyment of all Central Okanagan residents.

For more information contact Parks Services at 250-469-6232 or email parks@rdco.com.

(September 12, 2019)

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Keep Bears Out of your Trash

The Regional Waste Reduction Office is reminding-please do your part to keep your neighborhood safe by managing all things that attract wildlife around your home, including your household garbage.

Conservation Officers confirm bears have already been spotted in several neighborhoods from South East Kelowna to West Kelowna and Peachland. Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart says that means it’s time to be extra vigilant. “This is the time of year bears amp up their foraging to build fat stores for winter denning. The best advice if you live in an area susceptible to wildlife is to reduce your risk of conflict and take responsibility for your trash.”

Stewart reminds residents to securely store their trash and only put garbage out the day of pickup, not the night before. “Bears in particular, but other animals as well, have a keen sense of smell. The idea is not to attract them to your garbage unnecessarily.  If they find your waste, not only can they make a real mess, but they can become food conditioned. Then they can pose a risk to you and your family, your neighbors, and themselves. And that’s totally preventable.”

Stewart adds the Regional Waste Reduction Office in conjunction with their waste contractor E360s will be conducting a pilot project of new fully automated bear resistant garbage carts in select neighborhoods this fall. “Dependent on the results of the pilot and how those carts stand up to bear activity, there may be new bear resistant cart options for residents in the future.”

Wildsafe BC has tips you can follow to keep wildlife wild and help prevent conflict:

  • Only put garbage out for collection on the morning of pickup, not the night before
  • Encourage neighbors to do the same, offer to help if they are not able to put garbage out at appropriate times
  • Secure your garbage on non- collection days- store it securely in your home or in a garage or shed
  • Consider freezing your kitchen scraps until the morning of collection day
  • Keep your barbeque clean and covered
  • Pick ripe or fallen fruit, mix well into your compost bin, or put in yard waste cart
  • Use birdfeeders only in the winter

Please report human-bear conflicts to the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277

For more information on deterring bears from your garbage, visit the WildsafeBC website: https://wildsafebc.com/about/.    For additional inquiries, visit rdco.com/recycle, email recycle@rdco.com or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250.

(September 9, 2019)

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Repairs Begin at Two RDCO Boat Launches

With the busy boating season behind us, two Regional District facilities will be closed while undergoing repairs this month.

First up, starting on Monday, September 9th through next Friday afternoon, September 13th, the boat launch and dock at Killiney Beach Community Park at the end of Hodges Road will be closed.  The rest of the North Westside waterfront park will remain open.  As an alternative, boaters may wish to consider whether the small Fintry Community Park Access #1 boat launch is suitable for use at the end of Fintry Delta Road.

And from Monday, September 16th to the afternoon of Friday September 20th, the main boat launch and courtesy dock will be closed at Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park along Okanagan Centre Road West in Lake Country.  During this period, if suitable, boaters may wish to use the smaller launch area to the south of the main facility.

The work at each of these RDCO park boat launches will stabilize the concrete pads that were undermined during the record high level of Okanagan Lake in spring 2017 and during freshet last year.

In the coming weeks, boaters should be aware that a portion of the courtesy dock will be replaced at Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park.  This work is also expected to require the facility’s closure.

The Regional District apologizes for any inconvenience caused by these projects and appreciates the understanding and support of the boating community.

(September 6, 2019)

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Free Waterwise Gardening Workshop

Put some colour in your gardens and enjoy the benefit of saving money on watering those beautiful plants!

Register for a free Waterwise Gardening Workshop on Tuesday, September 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Regional District of Central Okanagan office, 1450 KLO Road in Kelowna.

During the evening, Okanagan xeriscape specialist Eva Antonijevic will illustrate the principles of waterwise landscape design and planning including:

  • appropriate plant selection
  • efficient irrigation
  • how to improve your soil
  • use of mulch
  • practical turf areas
  • good maintenance

This free evening workshop is designed for people who:

  • want to make changes to an existing garden or landscape
  • are new to gardening in the Okanagan
  • want to create a new landscape

Please reserve your seat by calling 250-469-6227.

The workshop is being sponsored by the Regional District of Central Okanagan and Okanagan Xeriscape Association with a grant from Okanagan Waterwise / Okanagan Basin Water Board.

(September 4, 2019)

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Fight Mosquito Habitat with Free Tire Drop-off

Recycle any old, unused tires that may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes around your property. 

The Regional District of Central Okanagan and Tire Stewardship BC are again joining forces to provide a one-stop tire drop-off event for any old vehicle tires with or without rims. 

Saturday, September 14th 
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Okanagan College
Parking Lot #17 (off West Campus Road)
1000 KLO Road, Kelowna

This is the fourth year that the regional district and its Mosquito program contractor Duka Environmental are teaming up with Tire Stewardship BC for this free old tire collection event.  Last year, residents dropped off almost 1,200 old, unwanted tires which helped to curb mosquito breeding habitat!  It only takes a few centimeters of water inside any old tires on your property to provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae.   By dropping off any unwanted tires, you’ll reduce potential opportunities for mosquitoes to hatch.

Tire Stewardship BC is a not-for-profit society that manages BC’s tire recycling program.  Eco fees paid by consumers purchasing tires are used to pay for transporting and recycling scrap tires in environmentally responsible ways rather than having them take up space in landfills.  For information on programs offered by Tire Stewardship BC visit www.tsbc.ca.

There are excellent resources available to help you and your family during the mosquito season.  Visit the Mosquito Control page on the Regional District website rdco.com/mosquitoes for information about the program.

(August 29, 2019)

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Learn About Kokanee Salmon

The turning leaves and ripening fruit means it’s that time of year to learn about the land-locked cousin of the Sockeye!

Every Saturday and Sunday during the Kokanee salmon spawning season parks interpreters will be on hand at Mission Creek Regional Park and Hardy Falls Regional Park from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  They’ll help you learn about the life cycle of Kokanee understand the importance of the fall spawning ritual.

Interpreters will be at Hardy Falls Regional Park (Hardy Street off Highway 97 at south end of Peachland) beginning Saturday August 24th and at the Mission Creek Regional Park spawning channel (Springfield and Durnin Roads) beginning Saturday September 7th to answer questions and share fishy knowledge about the Kokanee.

For more information visit the Regional District website, rdco.com/parksevents, or you can contact the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(August 23, 2019)

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Keep the 'Wild' in Wildlife

It’s not unusual for visitors to many of our Central Okanagan Regional Parks to come across animals in their natural home. 

With ripening fruit in valley orchards and Kokanee salmon soon swimming up creeks to spawn, you can expect more bears frequenting regional parks, especially those connected to the higher elevations.

Evidence that bears are around is already occurring at Hardy Falls, Scenic Canyon and Glen Canyon regional parks.   Each year, evidence of their presence is also often found in other more natural regional parks like Mission Creek, Mission Creek Greenway, Bertram Creek, Johns Family Nature Conservancy, Kalamoir and Rose Valley.

“This time of year, our field staff and visitors start seeing more signs that bears are around.  As sightings increase, we post signs advising that the animals may be active in the area” says Communications Officer Bruce Smith.

“To reduce your chance of an encounter” he says, “if possible, travel in a group, make noise or carry something that makes noise so that you make your presence known.  During the fall Kokanee salmon spawning season in local creeks and rivers visitors may encounter bears bulking up on this food source.  Bears fishing for food may not hear you over the noise of the creek water.   If you see a bear, give it plenty of space and stay well away from it.”

People should respect all bears and anticipate and avoid encounters with them whenever possible.  Bears can be aggressive, especially when defending their food or their cubs.  They also have excellent senses of smell and hearing and better sight than you might believe.  Dog owners are reminded unless otherwise designated their pets must be leashed and kept on trails at all times.  It’s not only the law, but will help avoid any potentially serious wildlife encounter.

Residents also have a role to play in preventing animal confrontations on their property by keeping any garbage securely stored and wheeling their garbage cart out only on the morning of their regular curbside collection.  That helps to reduce the potential temptation for bears or other wildlife.

(August 23, 2019)

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Water Quality Advisory for Westshore Water System

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has issued a Water Quality Advisory for customers of the Westshore Estates water system.  

The advisory affects more than 265 properties in the Westshore Estates subdivision, located off Westside Road. 

Increased turbidity in the water system source has resulted in water quality that might impact children, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems.  Roadside sign notices will be in advising of the water advisory.

While the health risk is modest and no bacteria have been found in any of the water tested from the system, the Regional District recommends that as a precaution, Westshore Estates water customers follow Interior Health guidelines, especially for those with weakened immune systems, the elderly, children and those wishing additional precautions.   All water intended for drinking, washing fruit and vegetables, making beverages, ice or brushing teeth should be boiled for at least one minute or customers should use a safe alternative to water from the tap such as bottled or distilled water.

This precautionary water quality advisory will continue until turbidity returns to normal operating levels within acceptable Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. 

For information visit the Regional District website water system webpage (regionaldistrict.com/water) or contact RDCO Environmental Services at engineer@cord.bc.ca or 250-469-6241.  To subscribe online for Regional District water quality advisories or alerts by email visit regionaldistrict.com/water.

(August 8, 2019)

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April through June Program Highlights

Here's a short video highlighting various service and program accomplishments of the Regional District of Central Okanagan from April through June this year aligning with the new Board Strategic Priorities 2019 - 2022 in the areas of Transportation and Mobility; Sustainable Communities; Economic Development and Environment.

Several Community Services programs within the Police and Community Support Services area were front and centre during the second quarter of the year. As well, many activities and events took place for residents that focused on our natural surroundings, regional parks and protecting our environment in the Central Okanagan.


(July 30, 2019)

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New Chief Appointed for Wilson's Landing Fire Department

A familiar face will be under the Chief’s white helmet for the Wilson's Landing Fire Protection District.

Ronaye Beck has been appointed by the Regional District of Central Okanagan as Chief of the paid-on-call department.  She’s been Acting Chief since July 1st following the retirement of Don Bennison.

Ronaye was Deputy Chief of the department since mid-2017.  She’s been a firefighter and a member of the department for the past four years and previously served as an Instructor and trainer for exterior firefighting and new recruits.  She’s also assisted with department planning, administration and daily operations and led the team to achieve First Medical Response status.

Ronaye’s excited about the new challenge of leading the great Wilson’s Landing fire team and building on the successes of her predecessor Don Bennison.  “I joined the department, like so many others, to give something back to my community.  My technical background as a Chemical Engineer and past corporate leadership roles along with a passion for safety and training led me into leadership within the fire department.  My experience and the skills learned since joining the department will assist us with our training, teamwork and continual improvement so that we continue to provide our neighbours with the best fire and first medical response services.”

RDCO Fire Services Manager Ross Kotscherofski adds, “Ronaye has established herself as an excellent team member and leader – she’s the first one in and the last one out during live fire training.  Ronaye’s been involved in fire and wildfire fighting responses in the Traders Cove and Wilson’s Landing communities and assisted with the department’s support during the more recent wildfires in Joe Rich.  She’s a respected and valued member of the Wilson’s Landing department and played an important role in the year-long training effort that resulted in launching the First Medical Response program this past spring.  Like all paid-on-call fire members, she has a passion for service and her community.”

The department provides fire suppression and First Medical Response services to Westside Road communities from Trader’s Cove to Shelter Cove including Lake Okanagan Resort.

(July 23, 2019)

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How to Fight Invasive Weeds on Your Property

It’s an invasion that runs from spring to the first snowfall of winter.

Weed and invasive plants are the ‘thorn’ in the side of every property owner.  Some hide behind pretty flowers before letting thousands of seeds take to the wind to continue their assault.  Still, others begin as a single stalk, shooting out roots that sprout and develop into weed clones elsewhere.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan Noxious Weed program encourages every property owner to be a good steward of the land and help reduce the threat posed by these invading species that choke out our native plants.

Residents can easily arm themselves with information to help keep invasive weeds in check.  There are excellent resources available for people to inform and arm themselves as ‘Weed Warriors’.  By visiting www.regionaldistrict.com/weeds you can see photos of some of our most serious offenders and get to the ‘root’ of the problem by cutting or pulling these plant threats.  A little information and knowledge can go a long way in identifying species that, if left unchecked in our yards and properties, can prevent native plants from growing.

The Invasive Species Council of BC has a superb website that provides photos and information about non-native plants at www.bcinvasives.ca. Another great regional resource is Okanagan Invasive Species Online at www.oiso.ca.

This time of year, some of the biggest weed threats are Western Goat’s-Beard that looks like a tall dandelion with a much larger, round seed ball. Also Wild Mustard, with its’ small, bright yellow flowers reduces crop values and yields and curtails livestock forage production on pastures.  Other common varieties of problem weeds in the region include Knapweeds, Puncturevine, Purple Loosestrife and the prickly members of the Thistle family, such as Scotch Thistle.

For more details and information visit www.regionaldistrict.com/weeds.   

The Regional District’s Noxious Weed Bylaw is in force throughout the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas, the City of Kelowna, District of Lake Country and District of Peachland.

(July 10, 2019)

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Applications Welcome for Advisory Commission Members

If you’re interested in helping guide your community, the Regional District would like to hear from you.

Volunteer members are being recruited to serve on the Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) and the Central Okanagan West Advisory Planning Commission (APC).

These groups work with Planning Services staff to advise the Regional Board by reviewing development applications for the potential environmental impacts, land use and planning issues within the Electoral Areas. The comments and recommendations provided by the commissions are considered in decisions made by the Regional Board.

Members of each Advisory Commission will be selected on the basis of their:

  • demonstrated interest and participation in community matters
  • academic / technical qualifications,
  • availability
  • work experience
  • knowledge / professional expertise and land use planning

Prospective members must reside within the Central Okanagan.  

Information about each of these Advisory Commissions is available online by visiting regionaldistrict.com/advisorycommissions or by contacting the Regional District Community Services Planning department by email at planning@cord.bc.ca or by calling 250-469-6227. 

There’s a convenient link to an online form that can be completed and submitted on the Regional District website.   Forms may also be downloaded, completed and dropped off in person or by mail.

The Regional District provides approximately 80 different programs and services to residents across the Central Okanagan.

(June 20, 2019)

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My Waste App Out...Recycle Coach In

If you’re one of the over 16 thousand Central Okanagan users of the MY Waste App on your smartphone or tablet, be advised. The app you’ve come to rely on for handy personalized waste collection info, recycling tips and more is being replaced with an identical app – called Recycle Coach.

If you currently use the My Waste App, download Recycle Coach instead and delete the My Waste App. You will continue to receive the exact same information you always have. Recycle Coach offers the same features as My-Waste, including:

  • Personalized curbside collection and events calendars
  • Collection reminders and real-time updates on service disruptions 
  • Disposal information for 10,000+ items with the "What goes where?" search tool 
  • The problem-reporting tool, equipped with geolocation, to notify municipal customer services about issues like missed collections 

Due to changes to Apples App Store guidelines, multiple apps in the same app store offering the same functionality are no longer allowed. As a result, the My Waste App will be discontinued and will not be available for download on iOS/Android stores as of June 14, 2019.  Recycle Coach is from the same company, Municipal Media Inc.

In the coming weeks, My-Waste users can expect special messaging with their collection reminders notifying them to download Recycle Coach.  

For more information or to download the Recycle Coach app, visit iTunes or Google Play, regionaldistrict.com/recyclecoach or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office, at 250.469.6250.

(May 6, 2019)

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January to March Program Highlights

2019 got off to a great start for the Regional District of Central Okanagan as Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers celebrated its special month. We also published our new Guide to Regional Parks and the Annual Review with planned initiatives for 2019 and a look at some of the program highlights and accomplishments in 2018.

Check out this short video to see more program achievements in the first three months of 2019.


(April 30, 2019)

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Trail Sections Closed in Mission Creek Regional Park

Short sections of three trails in Mission Creek Regional Park are closed after a slope slide.

For safety of visitors, Regional Parks staff has closed the area of the park at the Cottonwoods Bridge and three trails on the south side of the creek near the spawning channel up into the Sutherland Hills portion of the park. 

Brad Ackerman, Parks Services Operations Manager says “Until slope stability can be assessed, the Regional District urges park users to respect the barricades and trail closed signs.” 

The affected portion of the trails will remain closed until further notice.

No debris has made its way into either the spawning channel or Mission Creek.

Visitors are encouraged to use any of the open trails within the 92-hectare regional park or visit www.regionaldistrict.com/pickapark for information about our 29 other regional parks.

(March 12, 2019)

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October through December 2018 Program Highlights

The final three months of 2018 were active ones for the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

The fall edition of our Repair Café produced another big turnout of residents supporting the concept of repairing rather than replacing and tossing broken items into the trash.  Several of our parks saw important repairs and two fire departments received tremendous response from their communities to Christmas season food drives.

These are just a few of the video highlights of our regional programs and services from October through December 2018.


(January 29, 2019)

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July through September Program Highlights

The first weeks of the third quarter of the year was dominated by responses to what became known as the Okanagan Complex wildfires, forcing hundreds of residents from their homes.  As the summer advanced, so too did the programs offered by the Regional District.

We saw a regional park severely damaged by flooding in the spring of 2017, repaired and opened again for visitors.  And we saw work on creating the first trail in the region's largest park get underway, thanks to many volunteers.

We hope you enjoy some of  the highlights of our regional programs and services from July through September 2018. 

(October 11, 2018)

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Video Highlights January - June Programs and Services

The first six months of this year has been a busy one across all areas of the Regional District organization.   Check out this video update highlighting various service and program accomplishments from January through the end of June.  Among them, initiatives involving two RDCO fire departments, a new Air Quality program, several programs and staff awards and some major Capital projects.  The video can be viewed on the RDCO YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/regionaldistrict

(August 28, 2018)

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Washouts Close Section of the Mission Creek Greenway

At least two washout slides have forced the closure of a section of the Mission Creek Greenway.

The Pinnacle Trail loop past the KLO Creek Bridge, the Black Bear Trail along Mission Creek and the upper Greenway Trail leading to the Hydraulic Creek trail-end are closed until further notice while staff assesses damage, stability and possible repairs that will be required.  View Map

For safety reasons, the Regional District of Central Okanagan urges Greenway users to respect the barricades and trail closed signs posted at the KLO Creek Bridge (downstream from Field Road entrance).

Regional Parks staff is continuing to monitor creek levels along the entire length of the Mission Creek Greenway recreational corridor. With creeks expected to continue rising due to the recent weather and with spring runoff, people are reminded that water levels may rise unexpectedly and they, children and pets should stay safely back from creek banks, which may be slippery or subject to erosion from the spring runoff.

Boaters and those using Okanagan Lake boat launches are advised to watch for floating debris that may enter the lake as a result of the runoff.

(April 17, 2018)

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Document Download Problems? 

Recently the Regional District has become aware of periodic problems regarding the inability of some users of our website to open Adobe PDF documents that had been previously accessible.  They've received an error notice saying that the document they were trying to open is not available. 

We understand that the problem has been caused by a recent Microsoft Internet Explorer Security update.  This update on the user's computer has broken the ability of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to open and access previously downloadable PDF documents in Internet Explorer. 

Should this problem occur on your computer system, please download and install the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can find this by following this link:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html or by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon on the bottom right corner on each page of our website. 

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your continued support of the Regional District of Central Okanagan website. 

For information or queries about our website please contact:  webmaster@cord.bc.ca 

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