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Highlights from the Regional Board meeting - February 24, 2021

Here is a link to the Board Reports highlights from the Regional Board meeting Monday, February 22. 

And here's where you can view a recording of the:

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Boost Your Soil, Save Water - February 24, 2021

Here’s your chance to cut your garbage in half and save water. Do your yard a big favor this coming gardening season with a new backyard composter, green cone, rain barrel, or consider all three!

“Backyard composting is rewarding, resourceful, and easy!” says Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart with the Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Waste Reduction Office. “You can’t beat the satisfaction of making your own useful soil enhancer for your garden, all from kitchen scraps and green matter from your yard, material you would otherwise just toss away!”

Stewart adds almost half of household waste is easily compostable. “If you compost and recycle you could be putting as little as one or two grocery bags worth of garbage out for collection a week. That’s far less taxing on our one remaining landfill. By adding nutrient rich compost to your garden, it acts like a super booster for your soil-- more robust fruits and veggies, greener lawn, healthier flowers and shrubs.”

The Regional Waste Reduction Office’s annual sale features backyard composters for $37 (tax included), a big savings from the regular $80 retail price. It’s a pre-order sale only though, with limited supply of 300 available, limit two per household. The pre-order sale runs March 1st through March 31st, with compost and rain barrel units delivered directly to your home in late April in time for gardening season.

An additional option this year, the Green Cone Food Digester.  The Green Cone is a great compliment to a backyard composter as it takes all the other types of food waste that can’t be put into a regular composter such as meats, bones, grains, dairy and cooked food. They can even handle small amounts of dog waste too. Green Cones can also be pre-ordered starting March 1st for $128 (tax included) with a limited supply of 75 available.

And, back by popular demand, rain barrels will also be available for $80 each – a great cost savings to the regular $120 retail price. Corinne Jackson, Communications Director for the Okanagan Basin Water Board and its Okanagan WaterWise program, says they’re pleased to be partnering with Waste Reduction and expect the rain barrels to go quickly. Only 200 will be available with a limit of two per household.

“There are lots of benefits to collecting rain water for use in your yard,” Jackson explained. “Rain water is a great source of soft, fresh, untreated water for your plants.  A rain barrel can also help save you money by limiting the amount of metered tap water you use on your garden.”

Stormwater pollution is also a growing concern, Jackson added. “By collecting rainwater from your roof, you limit run-off from your yard and help prevent contaminants from washing into our storm drains and ultimately into local streams and lakes. This means better drinking water, and better water for fish and everything else that depends on clean water.” 

For details on the composter-rain barrel sale, to place your order, view your payment options-including online payment, or simply find out more about how to compost or build your own rain barrel, visit rdco.com/compostersale or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250.469.6250.

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Wood Stove Exchange Rebates Available - February 23, 2021

Rebates of up to $400 are available for Central Okanagan residents that replace an old wood burning appliance with a newer, cleaner burning model.

There are six participating Central Okanagan retailers that will recycle your old stove and handle all the necessary paperwork for the applicable rebate through the Regional District of Central Okanagan Air Quality Wood Stove Exchange program and the Provincial Government.

The $400 rebate is available for those recycling an uncertified wood stove with a cleaner appliance such as a new pellet stove, an electric heat pump, natural gas fireplace or a propane stove or fireplace. And those replacing and recycling their old uncertified, wood burning stove or wood furnace with a new EPA/CSA B415.1 certified wood replacement will be eligible for a $250 rebate.   

Program Coordinator Nancy Mora Castro says “If residents already bought a wood certified/gas appliance through another retailer this year, they may be eligible to receive a rebate by contacting the program and completing the necessary forms.”

She adds, “Newer, cleaner burning technology appliances reduce smoke polluting emissions by up to 90% and use less wood, as they burn much more efficiently.”

Additional incentives may be available, so be sure to check with your local retailer or Fortis BC for more information. To take part in the program, visit one of the participating Central Okanagan retailers or contact the Regional Air Quality Program for more information at airquality@kelowna.ca or 250-469-8408. 

Useful information, a new Burn It Smart online tool showing how get the most from your wood heating appliance can be found at rdco.com/airquality.  The RDCO Air Quality Program helps protect and improve the region’s air through education, awareness, and pollution prevention programs.

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2020 Year End Economic Indicators - February 22, 2021

“After many years of record –breaking growth, the Q4 2020 Economic Indicators reflect a full year of data that demonstrates the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Central Okanagan economy throughout 2020. While many indicators began to trend upwards in the last quarter of 2020, and the Region is well positioned for economic recovery in a post-COVID world, we recognize that recovery will be slower in some sectors than others, particularly those that rely on face to face interaction, air travel and the visitor economy.” Krista Mallory, Manager COEDC

The Kelowna CMA is the fastest growing metro area in BC at 1.9% as per the latest Statistics Canada population estimates release, and the 4th fastest in Canada.

While navigating the impacts of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Okanagan region saw a slight labour force decrease of 1.4% in 2020 and finished the year with a 4.7% unemployment rate in December 2020 (a significant decrease from the 9.6% unemployment rate posted in May 2020) and an average unemployment rate of 7.2% for 2020.

On the business side, the region saw an increase of 4.7% in business licenses (14,534 in total) for 2020, with Lake Country (16.2%) leading the way with strong business license growth in the Central Okanagan.

Highlights reported by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation saw housing starts in the region decrease by 19.4% with focus remaining on multi-family units. The median price for a new single/semi-detached home in the region sits at $877,500, a price decrease of 7.7% in 2020.

While the unemployment rate saw strong recovery in December 2020 (4.7%) from a low of 9.6% in May 2020 as businesses reopened and rehired existing staff members, new job postings in 2020 decreased 28.7% compared to 2019.  Meanwhile, job seekers - individuals who created a profile in job portals - increased by 12.7%.

When looking at job postings by occupation category, the largest decrease in postings was in Natural and Applied Sciences (-46.9%), followed by Management (-37.1%) and Natural Resources & Agriculture (-35.5%) occupations, while in the job postings by industry category, the largest decrease in postings occurred in Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction (-67.7%), Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (-66.0%) and Real Estate, Rental & Leasing (-60.5%).

Conversely, the largest increase in job seekers by occupation category was in Natural Resources & Agriculture (24.1%), followed by Business, Finance & Administration (20.6%) and Art, Culture, Recreation & Sport (20.0%), while in the job postings by industry category, the largest increase in job seekers occurred in Information & Cultural Industries (48.8%), followed by Transportation & Warehousing (40.8%) and Educational Services (33.2%).

Note the Commission collects the above third party statistical data from BC Stats, Statistics Canada, CMHC, Vicinity Jobs, and local governments in the Central Okanagan. Caution should be used in the interpretation of month-to-month statistics, in particular the Labour Force Survey, a monthly sample survey which provides unemployment rates of the Canadian labour market.

To learn more about the COEDC and what we do visit www.investkelowna.com.

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Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission Advisory Council - February 22, 2021

In the last 10 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the COEDC has focused on supporting the immediate needs of local business and drive for full economic recovery in the Central Okanagan. The Commission has kept local businesses informed and connected to provincial and federal programs, provided one to one guidance for struggling businesses and informed evolving needs of the community through industry information communicated via its 45+ member Advisory Council and through data and statistics collected through multiple channels.

The industry expertise and intelligence provided by the COEDC Advisory Council has always been essential in informing COEDC programming to foster a sustainable community economy in the Central Okanagan. As the Q4 Economic and Job Market Indicators demonstrate, the Region continues to grapple with the impacts of Covid-19 but there is hope on the horizon. COEDC staff look forward to tapping into the expertise of the incoming COEDC Advisory Council and 2021 Chair, Terry Edwards, as we continue to navigate immediate impacts and position for recovery.” Krista Mallory, Manager COEDC

2021 COEDC Advisory Council:

The COEDC Advisory Council Executive and 2021 Chair Terry Edwards welcome new Advisory Council members:  

Ryan Malcolm, CEO of Ntityix Development Corp., representing Construction & Development

Jill White, President of Waterplay Solutions Corp., representing Manufacturing

“Having served on the COEDC Advisory Council since 2018, I have experienced the value of bringing a cross-section of industry and community leaders together to support economic development in the Region in times of strong economic growth and in times of economic uncertainty. The appointment of this year’s new members adds valuable new insight and perspective to the council and I’m honoured to chair the Council in 2021.” Terry Edwards, COEDC Advisory Council Chair and Director & COO of Decisive Dividend Corp.

The 45 member Advisory Council serves as a conduit of information and insight for the COEDC and is made up of industry leaders, elected officials, local government staff and community organizations representing a cross section of industries. For a full listing of Advisory Council and Executive members, click here.

In an effort to keep the public and business community informed on the economy of the region, the COEDC - the Region’s primary business resource - releases publically available quarterly Economic Indicators Report highlighting key economic data for the Central Okanagan. The Q4 2020 Economic Indicators report includes cumulative statistics for 9 key economic indicators for January to December 2020.

In 2021, the Commission is proud to launch the Job Market Indicators Report. This report provides a snapshot of the Central Okanagan’s labour force and job market through data collected from Vicinity Jobs, a real-time labour market information technology platform.

Both reports are publically available in the Resources page in the COEDC website

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Comments Invited on RDCO 2021-2025 Financial Plan - February 22, 2021

The Regional District of Central Okanagan is preparing its 2021 – 2025 Financial Plan. There are several ways that residents may learn about and comment on the fiscal priorities outlined in the budget.

Unlike municipalities, the regional district does not have one tax rate.  The RDCO has more than 80 individual services provided and paid for by different combinations of taxpayers across the Central Okanagan.  Each service budget is separate and all assets, revenues, expenses, reserves, surpluses or deficits remain within the service.   RDCO Backgrounder

The Regional Board determines how local services will be financed and has outlined its Strategic Priorities, providing direction on implementing this vision. Focus areas include:

  • Environment
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Transportation and Mobility

Presentations and information about the Financial Plan will be available at two upcoming meetings:

  • Thursday, February 25 – 8:30 am
  • Thursday, March 18 – 8:30 am

As public health orders currently do not allow in-person attendance at meetings, they will be livestreamed and recorded.  Information on how to access these is available at rdco.com/agenda.

Comments and feedback about the Financial Plan may be provided by email or regular mail.  Details and a link is available at rdco.com/budgets.   That is also where Financial Plan information will be available throughout the budget process.

The Regional Board will give final consideration and adopt the 2021 – 2025 Financial Plan at its meeting Monday, March 29 at 7:00 pm. 

For more information please visit rdco.com/budgets or contact the RDCO Finance Services staff by phone at 250-763-4918 or email at finance@rdco.com.

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Yard Waste Collection is Back March 1 - February 19, 2021

The increasing hours of daylight is another sign that gardening season is on the way, and with that so is yard waste collection. Starting Monday, March 1 all residents receiving curbside garbage/recycling collection will also benefit from yard waste pick up every two weeks until the end of December.

“Now is the time to do that pre-season check-up of your yard waste cart,” says Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart. “Make sure to take out any materials that don’t belong and may have landed in your yard waste cart by mistake over the winter months.  Anything at all that is not yard waste and could damage equipment or compromise the composting process, must be removed before you put your cart out at the curb.”  Things like:

  • plastics
  • flower pots
  • garbage
  • bags of any kind
  • pet waste
  • recycling materials
  • rocks, sod or soil

Stewart adds all the yard waste collected curbside is composted and given new life as a valuable soil enhancer--so it’s important to keep it free of any materials that could contaminate the end product or damage equipment.  Last year alone the program collected just under 15,000 tonnes of yard waste at the curb and turned it into high quality compost instead of it being buried at the landfill.

You’re reminded to put your yard waste out for collection by 7:00 am on the morning of your regular garbage day. The following items are accepted in your yard waste cart:

  • Leaves, tree needles
  • Branches, prunings - up to 5 centimetres (2 inches) in diameter & less than one metre (3 feet) in length
  • Wood chips, bark
  • Garden plants
  • Fruit droppings
  • Grass clippings

To determine your yard waste collection week, please refer to the Living Greener Calendar  at rdco.com/recycle or download the Recycle Coach app at rdco.com/recyclecoach. This free app gives you collection schedule info and a “What goes where” search feature in the palm of your hand!

Additional 360 litre yard waste carts can be purchased from your municipality. For additional yard waste carts and collection options, contact your municipality or follow the yard waste link at rdco.com/yardwaste.

Please Note: During the Spring season ramp up, delivery of new and replacement carts can take longer to process due to limited current inventory and seasonal high demand.  

If you are interested in purchasing the finished compost GlenGrow from the Glenmore landfill please visit Okanagancompost.ca or call 250.469.8868.

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Highlights from the Regional Board meeting - February 11, 2021

Here is a link to the Board Reports highlights from the Regional Board meeting Thursday, February 11. 

And here's where you can view a recording of the:

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October - December 2020 Program Highlights - January 26, 2021

For the health and safety of residents and staff, many programs and services provided by the Regional District of Central Okanagan continued to be impacted by Public Health Orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like most people, these challenges created new, creative opportunities to continue the high level of service expected of the RDCO.

This video outlines some of the highlights in the four areas of the Regional Board Strategic Priorities:

  • Environment
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Transportation


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Unique Collaboration to Market Central Okanagan - January 22, 2021

For an area celebrated as a four-season playground, it’s electrifying to see how much entrepreneurial energy exists in the Central Okanagan. OKGo, a new partnership between the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission, Tourism Kelowna and Accelerate Okanagan, tells the stories of innovators and entrepreneurs in key business sectors and positions the region for future economic prosperity.  

The three organizations have always worked alongside each other in raising awareness of the Central Okanagan’s economic and tourism opportunities. Now, due to the Covid-19 impact, the organizations are collaborating in a new initiative, leveraging their shared audiences, mutual messaging and common goal of long-term economic recovery to promote the region as a knowledge centre for Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Agriculture, Viticulture and Digital Tech. The new OKGo campaign will attract new talent, entrepreneurs, business investment and events to the region, ultimately increasing growth across all economic sectors.

“Following the lead of our national destination marketing organization, Destination Canada, we will promote stories of local innovation and success that will help attract meetings and conferences using this new strategy.  With the necessary cancellation of the majority of meetings and business events that were booked in Kelowna in 2020, unique partnerships like OKGo, help us successfully position Kelowna for their future return in addition to attracting new business.” Lisanne Ballantyne, President & CEO, Tourism Kelowna. 

Telling the story of the Okanagan through our local entrepreneurs sparks connection and communicates our values as a region. The multi-year sector strategy includes plans for targeted campaigns  in key markets including the Pacific Northwest and select major Canadian centres. Central Okanagan residents, businesses and organizations are encouraged to share the OKGo stories through their local, national and international networks.

“While we continue to feel the impacts of Covid-19 in our community and around the globe, a medical resolution is underway and recovery is on the horizon. This has been an intensely difficult year for our community and many of our local entrepreneurs. While the COEDC and our partners continue to support businesses in navigating the immediate impacts of the pandemic, with the OKGo campaign we are also preparing for new economic opportunities. When the time is right, the region will be ready.” Krista Mallory, Manager, COEDC

Companies featured include Yeti Farm Creative, Pela, and SunRype. These entrepreneurs opened up to share the benefits of growing a business in the region and what has been the economic factors driving their success. The OKGo campaign includes aligned print and digital assets that tell a cohesive regional story and showcase local companies in the target industry sectors as it relates to innovation, entrepreneurship and infrastructure.

“Entrepreneurs in our region have always been eager to share their experience doing business in the Okanagan. OKGo gives the community a tangible representation of the diverse and vibrant energy in the valley that they can use to tell the world of how much is happening here.”  Brea Lake, CEO, Accelerate Okanagan

The project was funded with matching dollars from Global Affairs Canada as the OKGo campaign supports Canada’s economic recovery by improving the Central Okanagan’s capacity to support local businesses, highlight the region’s competitive advantages and attract investment, talent and business events to the Central Okanagan.

More information about the OKGo campaign, including a promotional video of the region, a digital copy of a high-end magazine that showcases the stories of some of the region’s local companies and a media kit, can be found on the campaign’s website ok-go.ca.

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East Park Development begins in Mission Creek Regional Park - January 21, 2021

The first phase of new development is underway in the east part of Mission Creek Regional Park.

From now until June, crews will be working in this area of the park, south and east of the Leckie Road parking lot.  View Map

This area will be closed for:

  • Building new gravel surfaced trails
  • Upgrading of existing trails and circular pathways
  • Construction of four new wooden footbridges
  • Building a new nature play log obstacle course
  • Turf grass areas
  • Accessible picnic tables and other park amenities

While most of the parking lot will remain open, ten stalls will be closed for construction equipment and materials staging and storage.

Visitors are asked to stay out of the signed, closed area and to be aware of trucks and heavy equipment accessing the work area from Leckie Road parking area.

The Regional District offers more than 2,100 hectares of parkland including 63 kilometres of formal trails in 30 regional parks for visitors to safely explore while practicing physical distancing.  Visit rdco.com/pickapark to plan your next outing.

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Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission Launches Innovative Data Portal - January 14, 2021

The Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Economic Development Commission (COEDC) announces release of COEDC Regional Community Data Portal: CityViz.  The user-friendly data portal makes information, research and analysis instantly accessible to community stakeholders and businesses seeking data to make informed decisions.

“In light of current COVID-19 restrictions and physical distancing, it has never been more important that we enhance the COEDC digital profile. We’re very excited to launch this pilot program for the next 12 months and will continue to add features and datasets as we go. We are actually the first customer for this platform and we look forward to continuing to add data and features that will support the Region’s economic recovery and business intelligence needs.”– Krista Mallory, Manager Economic Development

The COEDC has launched online data tools on their website to put the Region firmly on the map for business relocation, investment and expansion.  Using the CityViz web tool, decision-makers can search an online database of community information while simultaneously analyzing demographic, labour force, housing development, business and talent data at the district or city, and regional levels. The interactive tools are mobile-friendly and put key data at the fingertips of website visitors. Users have the ability to visualize data with interactive tools, charts, graphs, infographics, and reports that can be dynamically sorted and downloaded.

By giving users direct access to thousands of data points and the most accurate, up-to-date information on the Region will help build a nuanced picture of the breadth of opportunity and value of relocating and growing in the Central Okanagan. 

Cityviz is developed and maintained by Ruby Industries Inc. based in West Kelowna, incorporated in 2013. The company is the qualified supplier of data science and data visualization services for B.C. government. They worked on projects with BC Stats, Innovate BC, and won the BC Housing Market Visualization Challenge. Ruby Industries developed a number of other data visualization applications.

"We are very excited about the possibilities of modern technologies together with the wealth of data available to create solutions for the good of our communities. We are very grateful to work with COEDC and hope to help decision makers further develop our district. Listening to the challenges municipalities face and adapting our solutions to their specific needs is our priority and we are looking forward to helping many more communities throughout Canada." - Izabela Bogdanovic, Ruby Industries Inc.

With the new data portal, the COEDC continues providing sophisticated data and resources to guide and support business decision making in the Region – meeting industry and community needs for increased availability and accessibility of data. Additional resources such as the Quarterly Economic Indicators will continue to be published and all COEDC resources can be found at investkelowna.com/resources

To learn more about the COEDC and what we do visit www.investkelowna.com.

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Highlights from the Regional Board meeting - December 7, 2020

Here is a link to the Board Reports highlights from the Regional Board meeting Monday, December 7. 

And here's where you can view a recording of the:

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Public Meeting Attendance Curtailed - December 7, 2020

Public attendance at RDCO Board and Committee meetings is now curtailed following the latest Public Health Officer Order affecting gatherings and events.

The Provincial Health Officer’s December 3 Order indicates that meetings are allowed to continue, but without members of the public in attendance.  This practice will continue until the Order is rescinded or replaced.

Tonight’s Regional Board meeting will take place without any public seating in the Woodhaven Boardroom.  A link to the livestream of the meeting will be available starting at 7:00 pm at rdco.com/board.  An audio/video recording of the meeting will be online tomorrow.

The Regional District continues to follow the direction of public health experts for the safety of its staff and residents to reduce the impact of coronavirus on our community and our health system.  For the latest information and updates on the RDCO Response to COVID-19 visit rdco.com/covid-19.

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In-person Parks Programs Cancelled - December 4, 2020

The Regional District fully supports efforts to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and has been following strict health and safety guidelines in its public programs.

In accordance with the latest Public Health Order, all in-person Regional District parks programs and events, are postponed indefinitely.  Any program fees will be refunded.

In addition, the RDCO will not be opening outdoor public skating at either Joe Rich or Scotty Creek community parks.

RDCO Parks staff continues to closely follow information from the Ministry of Health and Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and will evaluate our ability to restart the delivery of our outdoor programs including the opening of outdoor ice rinks in Joe Rich and Ellison over the weeks ahead.

Throughout the pandemic, RDCO Parks Visitor Services staff have provided virtual interpretive programs through @regionalparks Instagram and other social media channels.  While we’re temporarily unable to provide in-person park and school programs our Visitor Services staff remain committed to offer programs in a virtual format to help connect with our community and to inspire residents to venture outside when and where it is safe to do so – which includes our parks.

All 30 RDCO Regional and Community Parks remain open for visitors to enjoy our natural surroundings.  For the safety of everyone using our outdoor park areas, please keep to a safe social bubble and practice physical distancing.

The Regional District continues to follow the direction of public health experts for the safety of its staff and residents to reduce the impact of coronavirus on our community and our health system.  For updates on the RDCO Response to COVID-19 visit rdco.com/covid-19.

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Highlights from the Regional Board meeting - November 25, 2020

Here is a link to the Board Reports highlights from the Regional Board meeting Monday, November 23. 

And here's where you can listen to audio from the:

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Highlights from the Regional Board meeting - November 12, 2020

Here is a link to the Board Reports highlights from the Regional Board meeting Thursday, November 12. 

And here's where you can listen to audio from the:

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Face Coverings - Masks Required for RDCO Visitors - November 2, 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic across the province and in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission, effective immediately all visitors to indoor RDCO facilities are required to wear a mask or face covering.

This update follows the expectation of the Provincial Health Officer that masks be worn in public areas of buildings in the province.

This includes the main KLO Road administration office, the Environmental Education Centre (EECO) in Mission Creek Regional Park and the Regional Dog Pound on Weddell Place.  For visitor safety, each facility is currently open with restrictions on the number of visitors, personal hand sanitizing requirements on entry, physical distancing and protective barriers.

For those without a face covering, non-medical masks will be available at the main entrance to each facility.

RDCO staff will also wear a mask when having any indoor or outdoor interaction with the public, unless a physical barrier is in place.

Residents are encouraged whenever possible to reduce their in-person visits by continuing to contact staff by phone or email or seek out information online through the rdco.com website.  As well, customers requiring specialized services like development applications and building inspections should continue to arrange appointments with staff by phone or email.  A department directory is available at rdco.com/directory.

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Open Burning Permits Required - September 29, 2020

Starting October, 1, open burning permits will be available for eligible Central Okanagan property owners from their local fire service.*

Permits will be issued to those who qualify and meet the requirements of local fire protection bylaws.  If necessary, each fire jurisdiction enforces its own bylaw regulations.

Those eligible to burn within the four Central Okanagan East or Central Okanagan West electoral area fire protection areas (Ellison, Joe Rich, North Westside, Wilson’s Landing) may call the Regional District at 250-469-6223 to obtain a permit.  (Long Distance Collect Calls are accepted weekdays only between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, excluding holidays).  Residents with questions about the burn permit process in the Central Okanagan should contact their local fire service.

Those issued an open burning permit are reminded they are also required to separately ensure compliance with the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Strategy Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. Detailed information is available on the Ministry website to assist any property owner.  Questions about the regulation should be directed to the Ministry.

Anyone eligible to conduct open burning should consider alternatives such as chipping, grinding or if applicable, yard waste disposal at the Glenmore landfill or the RDCO Westside Residential Waste and Recycling Centre off Asquith Road in West Kelowna.  The RDCO Air Quality program has more information available on other disposal options.

Before lighting any fire, property owners with a valid permit from their local fire service and meeting all of the Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation must call the toll-free Outdoor Burning Hotline:  1-855-262-2876 (BURN) to determine if open burning is allowed on a particular day.  In order for burning to take place, both the Venting and Air Quality conditions must be good. 

Under the Regional District Smoke Control Bylaw, nuisance smoke from open burning is not allowed in the City of Kelowna, the District of Lake Country, City of West Kelowna and the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas or under the bylaws of the District of Peachland.  Yard waste such as leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, weeds and other garden waste are not allowed to be burned.

Violators of local bylaws could receive a fine or be charged with the cost of putting out the fire by their fire service.  Residents may report anyone violating local bylaws by burning on a non-burning day by calling the Regional Fire Dispatch Center at 250-469-8577.  Potential violations of the Provincial regulations should be reported to the BC RAPP line (1-877-952-7277).

Under Regional District and local fire bylaws permitted open burning must be complete on April 30 although the date may be adjusted depending on the local fire hazard. 

Central Okanagan residents should check with their local fire jurisdiction regarding regulations and restrictions on campfires, chimineas and other outdoor wood burning devices.  Campfires, chimineas and other outdoor wood burning devices are not allowed in the City of Kelowna.

* Fire Department Jurisdictions for Permits

(phone only unless otherwise noted)

  • Central Okanagan East or Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas 
    (Residents of Ellison, Joe Rich, Wilson’s Landing, North Westside fire departments):
    • Call the Regional District 250-469-6223 weekdays only 8:00 am – 4:00 pm excluding holidays
      • Note:  North Westside residents may call ‘Collect’
  • City of Kelowna residents - Kelowna Fire Department - Walk-in only
    • 2255 Enterprise Way (Main hall Station 1)
  • District of Lake Country residents - Lake Country Fire Department  250-766-2327
  • District of Peachland residents - Peachland Fire Rescue Service 250-767-2841
    • Weekdays only 8:00 am – 4:00 pm excluding holidays
  • City of West Kelowna residents – West Kelowna Fire/Rescue 778-797-3200

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