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Audio is available for Regional District Board and Governance and Service Committee meetings - MP3 files will be available in the days following a Regional Board and Governance and Services Committee meeting.  Please select the appropriate Board meeting date file or Governance and Services Committee meeting date file to link to the Audio MP3 file for that meeting.  To listen you may require the free Windows Media Player.


Wild Walks

The winter months provide a new opportunity to discover your Regional Parks.  Dress for the conditions, bring along some anti-slip/traction devices and join us on our ‘Wild Walks’.

Our Park interpreter will share some secrets and point out the natural features of various Regional Parks.  Turn an ordinary walk in the park into something extraordinary.  Each outing lasts approximately 90 minutes, is suitable for all ages including families with young children and ranges from an easy to moderate fitness level.

There’s no cost to take part but please pre-register for ‘Wild Walks’ on the following dates and locations:

  • Saturday, February 17th at 10:00 am and Wednesday, February 21st at 1:00 pm we’ll tour the 1.8-kilometre long trail in KLO Creek Regional Park which connects Scenic Canyon Regional Park with Myra Bellevue Provincial Park in southeast Kelowna.  Our tour starts parking area located off McCulloch Road (past Field Road and near the bridge over KLO Creek)

To save a spot for your family on these free ‘Wild Walks’ outings, please drop in to the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan, email eeco@cord.bc.ca or phone 250-469-6140.

These free events are held in conjunction with the Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS) to provide barrier free access to our regional parks.  To request the services of CRIS volunteers visit www.adaptiveadventures.ca

For more information about this or other Regional Park programs please visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parks or contact the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(February 13, 2018)

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Planned Water Interruption for Some Killiney Beach Water Customers

Some customers of the Killiney Beach Water System will be without water mid next week.  

The Regional District of Central Okanagan says on Wednesday, February 14th from approximately 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, water service will be shut off to all customers living above Westside Road.   This is work is necessary as crews complete a connection to the newly constructed Winchester Reservoir and Control Room.

In advance of the outage, customers may wish to stockpile additional water for drinking and other household needs.  Crews will work as quickly as possible to complete the connection and get water flowing again.   

Once the water supply has been restored, it’s recommended that affected residents:

  • Run a cold water tap for five to ten minutes to ensure that the water runs clear
    • Once the water runs clear, it is safe to drink and to use hot water.

Killiney Beach water customers residing below Westside Road will not be affected by this work.

For information visit the Regional District website water system webpage (regionaldistrict.com/water) or contact RDCO Environmental Services at engineer@cord.bc.ca or 250-469-6241.  To subscribe online for Regional District water quality advisories or alerts by email visit regionaldistrict.com/water.

(February 9, 2018)

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Notice of Parcel Tax Roll

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has prepared the 2018 Parcel Tax Roll as required by Section 203 of the Community Charter.  The Parcel Tax Roll lists the parcels eligible to be taxed for the following services:

Lakeshore Road Improvements (Bylaw 1087)

Ridgeview Fire (Bylaw 909)

Shelter Cove Fire (Bylaw 1193)

Upper Ellison Fire (Bylaw 1112)

Upper Fintry Water (Bylaw 1254)

Waste/Environment Management
(Bylaw 1298)

The Parcel Tax Roll may be viewed starting February 19th at the Regional District of Central Okanagan office, 1450 K.L.O. Road, Kelowna, BC, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Requests for an amendment to the Parcel Tax Roll must be received in writing to the Regional District of Central Okanagan, 1450 K.L.O. Road, Kelowna, BC, V1W 3Z4 no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, February 26th, 2018.

Property owners may request a correction to the Parcel Tax Roll only with respect to their own property and only for the following reasons:

  • There is an error or omission respecting a name or address on the Parcel Tax Roll
  • There is an error or omission respecting the inclusion of a parcel
  • An exemption has been improperly allowed or disallowed

Marilyn Rilkoff, Director of Financial Services/Deputy CAO
Phone: (250) 763-4918
Email:  Marilyn.Rilkoff@cord.bc.ca

(February 9, 2018)

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Don't Rush, Think Before Your Flush

West Kelowna, Peachland and the Westbank First Nation residents are encouraged to think, before flushing products or pouring substances down their drains!  That’s because it costs over $60,000 a year to remove clogs from sewer pipes.

They recently received an information card from the Regional District’s Westside Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant urging residents to ‘Don’t Rush, Think Before You Flush’.

Each day, the plant treats an average of ten million litres of wastewater.  Pausing before they put something down the drain will help protect the integrity of the plant’s biological treatment process.  It’ll also help prevent costly clogs and backups of pipes flowing from homes and businesses into the hundreds of kilometers of sewer collection mains throughout the Westside communities.

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says think of the treatment plant as the heart with hundreds of kilometers of sewer pipes acting like the arteries of your body, filled with liquid that should never be flushed or put down drains.  “Food waste like fats, grease and oils (deep fryer oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil) can easily congeal and block pipes.  As well, diapers, wet wipes, bandages, personal hygiene products and cotton swabs should be placed into the household garbage.  And hazardous waste materials like paints, solvents and other chemicals should be disposed of at the free household hazardous waste drop off at the Battery Doctors in Kelowna.”

“Unlike toilet paper” Smith says, “wet wipes, even those labeled flushable, don’t easily break down and once flushed, can cause sewage and septic overflows into homes, businesses and the environment.  Our goal with this information program for Westside residents is to think about what they’re flushing or putting down the drain. There are proper disposal options for many of these materials.  For example, unused or expired medications and prescription drugs should be returned to a pharmacy and residents can visit www.medicationsreturn.ca for more information.”

Smith adds, “Collected kitchen cooking oils, fats, grease and lards can be placed into a container and put into the trash, or taken for disposal in receptacles at the Westside Regional Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre in West Kelowna or the Glenmore landfill, in order to be recycled in a program with McLeod’s Byproducts of Armstrong.”

Learn more by visiting www.regionaldistrict.com/wastewater.

(February 6, 2018)

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Nature Detectives Spring Break Camps

Spring break is just around the corner and here’s an exciting opportunity for Central Okanagan youngsters.

Registration is underway for this year’s Nature Detectives Spring Break Camps at the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan in Mission Creek Regional Park (Springfield and Durnin Roads). 

Youngsters age five to seven will take part in indoor and outdoor activities during the camps which run from 9:00 am to 12 noon, March 20th to 22nd and again March 27th through 29th.    

Our nature detectives will have fun with nature play, crafts and games that will encourage their inner naturalist!  Each morning during the camps they’ll discover park trails and ponds, take part in crafty natural activities and listen to stories about animals and our environment.

Please register in advance at the EECO.  The cost is $75 per youngster for each Tuesday to Thursday, half-day camp session. 

For more information visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parksevents or contact the EECO at 250-469-6140, email eeco@cord.bc.ca or drop into the Centre at 2363A Springfield Road in Mission Creek Regional Park.

(February 2, 2018)

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Save On 2018 Dog Licenses

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog named ‘Bella’, ‘Charlie’ or ‘Molly’* or own a Labrador, Shih Tzu or Border Collie**, all dogs in the Central Okanagan must be licensed.

And you have until Wednesday, February 28th to either renew or purchase a 2018 license for your dog in order to save $20 from the regular license fees.  Until the end of February you’ll pay $20 for a dog that’s spayed or neutered and $60 if not.  Starting March 1st, licenses return to the regular annual rate of $40 and $80.

“Thousands of dog owners are renewing their dog license using the convenient and secure My Dog Matters Rewards and Licensing App” says Communications Officer Bruce Smith.  “Those who’ve already done this say “it’s never been easier” and they can do it when it’s convenient to them.   Time is valuable, with the App and easier web access, there’s no more lining up to renew in person.  You can go to https://go.yourpetlicense.com or download the App from the Apple store or Google Play.  More information can be found at www.mydogmatters.ca/MDMApp.”

Owners may also renew in person at the RDCO office in Kelowna, the Regional Dog Pound (890 Weddell Place), at any local government office or the Kelowna branch of the SPCA.  North Westside residents can purchase a license at the main firehall (514 Udell Road) in Killiney Beach.   Please call 250-545-1195 in advance to ensure staff is available.

Renewing a license through the App saves the cost of mailing renewal notices.  Owners will also directly receive dog-related messaging and licensing reminders and their digital ‘My Dog Matters’ Rewards card. Showing it at more than 60 participating businesses provides an owner with special discounts and services as well as the ability to easily check retailer’s offers.

In 2017, almost 23,000 dogs were licensed in the Central Okanagan. The Regional District continues to urge all dog owners to have a valid dog license as there is zero tolerance for unlicensed dogs and a hefty fine by not having one.

There’s plenty of information available about dog licensing and Responsible Dog Ownership in the Central Okanagan at regionaldistrict.com/dogs.

* Top three licensed dog names 2017
**  Top three licensed dog breeds 2017
Top 10 licensed dog names/breeds 2017 and 2007

(January 31, 2018)

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Get Cash Back for Upgrading Old Wood Burning Appliances

If smoke from your old wood stove or insert clouds the air in your neighbourhood, consider upgrading and recycling your polluting burner.  There are some financial incentives for you to help you ‘clear the air’!

The Regional Air Quality Program has cash rebates available (thanks to the Provincial Government) for Central Okanagan residents who upgrade their old wood stove to a cleaner burning one.

A $400 rebate is available for anyone replacing an uncertified wood stove with cleaner appliances such as new pellet stove, an electric heat pump or a gas or propane stove. 

For those who replace and recycle their old wood burning appliance with a new EPA/CSA B415.1 certified wood replacement, a $250 rebate is available.   

Participating Central Okanagan retailers will take care of recycling your old stove and provide all the necessary paperwork for the applicable rebate.

Regional Air Quality Coordinator Nancy Mora Castro says “It’s great that our Air Quality Program is able to help put some cash back in the pockets of Central Okanagan residents who are upgrading to new cleaner burning technology.  Changing out these older, inefficient, wood burners for new appliances cuts smoke polluting emissions by up to 90%.  It could also make your woodpile last longer, reducing the amount of wood burned by one third.”

Additional incentives may be available, so be sure to check with your local retailer or Fortis BC for more information.  To take part in the program, visit one of the participating Central Okanagan retailers, or contact the Regional Air Quality Program for more information airquality@kelowna.ca or 250-469-8408. 

Useful information and video links on how to burn smarter and get the most from your wood heating appliance can be found at regionaldistrict.com/airquality.

(January 26, 2018)

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2017 Ends Strong - EDC Economic Outlook Indicators Report

In an effort to keep the public and business community informed on the economy of the region, The Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Economic Development Commission (COEDC) - the Region’s primary business resource - releases a publically available quarterly Economic Indicators Report highlighting key economic data for the Central Okanagan.

The Q4 Economic Indicators Report includes cumulative statistics for 10 key economic indicators for 2017. The report is publically available in the Resources page in the COEDC website.

Highlights as reported by the Labour Force Survey include an increase in the Central Okanagan’s labour force (7.2%) and an average unemployment rate of 5.5% for 2017. The Central Okanagan experienced a 29% increase in job postings in 2017, with an average of 1298 jobs posted per month. The top three categories for job postings included – Sales and Service Occupations (32.4%), Trades, Transport & Equipment Operator Occupations (9.9%) and Business, Finance and Administration Occupations (9.9%).

2017 was a record-breaking year for residential construction in the Kelowna CMA. Total building permit values saw a 23% increase from 2016 sitting at just over $900 Million for the Jan-Nov 2017 period. Multi-family units accounted for most of the growth experienced in residential construction – up 88% from 2016 and 512% in the last 5 years.

The Kelowna Airport saw just under 1.9 million passengers in 2017, setting an all-time traffic record with a growth rate of 9.3% - representing over 161,000 additional travellers. 

Note the Commission collects the above third party statistical data from BC Stats, Statistics Canada, CMHC, and local governments in the Central Okanagan. Caution should be used in the interpretation of month-to-month statistics, in particular the Labour Force Survey, a monthly sample survey which provides unemployment rates of the Canadian labour market.

To learn more about the COEDC and what we do visit www.investkelowna.com.

(January 25, 2018)

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Park Closure for Outfall Expansion Construction

Construction is underway on a $3.5-million project at the Westside Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant expanding the outfall into Okanagan Lake.

The new outfall line will go from the plant, crossing Whitworth Road and through the City of West Kelowna’s Pebble Beach Park, extending offshore approximately 440 metres into Okanagan Lake.

Construction will run through the end of March between 7:00 am and 5:30 pm daily and requires the closure of Pebble Beach Park for the duration of the construction.  Pedestrians and vehicles should be aware and obey traffic control in this area.

Area neighbours have been advised of the park closure and traffic control measures.

The outfall expansion project will result in increased efficiency and operation of the plant located off Gellatly Road.  It treats approximately 10-million litres of wastewater each day from the City of West Kelowna, District of Peachland and Westbank First Nation Reserves #9 and #10.

You can learn more about this important infrastructure project and the plant by visiting www.regionaldistrict.com/wastewater.

(January 19, 2018)

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'Your Guide to Regional Parks' Winter-Spring Edition

When does ‘Roll and Stroll’ begin?   What parks will the ‘Wild Walks’ program visit this season?  When does registration open for the spring break ‘Nature Detectives Camps’?

The answers to those and other questions about regional parks programs can be found in the new Winter-Spring edition of ‘Your Guide to Regional Parks 2018’.

It’s already available online at regionaldistrict.com/parksguide, or you can pick up a printed copy at the EECO in Mission Creek Regional Park and at the Regional District office (1450 KLO Road) in Kelowna.  In the coming weeks copies will be available at other local government offices and visitor information centres.

The 12-page colour foldout has everything you need to know about all the activities, events and programs in our Regional Parks between now and the end of May.  It’s all conveniently listed in the At a Glance program calendar.   

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says “Our free ‘Wild Walks’ program offers a monthly Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon opportunity to join a park interpreter and learn about special features of the park that’s being visited.  Thanks to the volunteers from the Community Recreational Initiatives Society, who provide barrier-free access to our parks, these outings are available for everyone.  To discover more about or request CRIS services, check out adaptiveadventures.ca.”

Smith adds, “While most of our programs are offered for free, we do encourage people to pre-register to ensure a space by contacting staff at 250-469-6140 or email eeco@cord.bc.ca.   During the winter months, please make sure you’re properly prepared for the conditions with appropriate clothing (layers), sturdy shoes and traction or anti-slip devices.   Some participants find poles help with their balance and stability and provide an additional workout.

Smith says, “The winter-spring guide also notes a minor change to the spring ‘Tracks Walking Club’ program.  Twice a week walks will continue in Mission Creek Regional Park while the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park will host one walk each Tuesday morning. And it’s not too early for parents to consider our ‘Nature Detectives Spring-Break Camps’ in March for youngsters age five to seven.”

For more information about any Regional Parks program and our detailed online section for Regional Parks including our new park tour maps, visit regionaldistrict.com/parks or call the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(January 11, 2018)

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Story Time At The EECO

Tuesday mornings are ‘Story Time at the EECO’.  The free, weekly one-hour drop-in program for children aged three to five and their care-givers returns for the winter months.

The younger ones love the nature-themed stories and songs followed by an art or craft project. The program is an excellent way for preschoolers to interact with others while learning more about the natural world. 

‘Story Time at the EECO’ runs each Tuesday morning at 10:30 through March 13th.  It resumes April 3rd and continues until June 26th.  

The EECO or Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan is located in Mission Creek Regional Park, Springfield and Durnin Roads. For more information please visit www.regionaldistrict.com/parks, drop-in or call the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(January 2, 2018)

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EECO After School

Students of all ages are welcome to join in at ‘EECO After School’.

This is a perfect activity for students of any age to have fun after classes are done for the day.  Join us each Thursday afternoon until March 15th for free, hands-on learning activities that explore the ‘wild’ in our parks.

The one hour program begins at 3:00 pm in the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan located in Mission Creek Regional Park, Springfield and Durnin Roads.  Please pre-register by dropping into the EECO, email eeco@cord.bc.ca or phone 250-469-6140.

For more information about this or other Regional Park programs please visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parksevents or contact the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(January 2, 2018)

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Wild Animals Olympics Exhibit

Some of the world’s best athletes are heading to the Winter Olympics during February in North Korea.  You’re encouraged to learn about some other amazing accomplishments of the animal kingdom at the ‘Wild Animal Olympics’!

It’s the latest exhibit at the EECO in Mission Creek Regional Park, Springfield and Durnin Roads.

‘Wild Animal Olympics’ highlights these natural animal athletes which are well adapted to their environment for survival.  While some run fast, others swim long distances or soar to great heights.  Animals achieve their place on the podium by chasing their prey or finding safe nesting places to raise their young.

The Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan or EECO is open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday.  

For more information on this and other EECO programs, check out ‘Your Guide to Regional Parks’, visit the Regional District website (regionaldistrict.com/parksevents) or contact the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(January 2, 2018)

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Heavy Snow May Cause Curbside Collection Delays

A reminder from the Regional District--During times of sudden or excessive snow dumps, there could be some delays for curbside garbage and recycling collection in the Central Okanagan. Residents receiving curbside pickup are reminded that if your pickup is missed on your collection day, leave your carts out until collection occurs, and please be patient, safety comes first.                 

The Regional Waste Reduction Office says slippery un-plowed roads may not be safe for large collection vehicles. The first priority is to clear roads to make them safe, and make collection possible. Residents whose garbage or recycling has not been picked up should continue to leave it out for collection, and the waste haulers will pick it up as soon as possible. (Do not bring your carts back in until they have been emptied to ensure your collection is not missed.)

In winter months, it may be necessary to alter the regular placement of your carts to ensure the collection vehicle can reach them.  Find or clear an unobstructed site to put your carts out for collection.

  • Put carts as close as possible to the street, without obstructing the street, sidewalk or bike lane. (Often placing your carts on either side of your driveway allows for greater ease for the collection trucks and for you.)
  • Keep carts off the travelled portion of the roadway so as not to interfere with snow plows- do not place carts in a location where the snow plow will hit them.
  • Please have your carts out for collection by 7 a.m. (Avoid placing your carts out  the night before collection and bring them away from the road as soon as possible, to avoid interfering with snow plows often working late) Clear your cart of snow and ice to ensure the lid opens when cart is tipped.
  • The cart should be no closer than three feet from any obstacle, parked car, or other cart - an arm’s length spacing is required between each cart.
  • Do not place carts behind or on top of snow banks.
  • General Safety: As the waste collection carts are equipped with wheels, please use extra caution when wheeling them in snowy and icy conditions.

For more information on proper placement and how to handle your carts in winter conditions, visit the RDCO YouTube channel or www.regionaldistrict.com/recycle.

(November 7, 2017)

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Philpott Trail Closed

Effective immediately, the Regional District has closed the Philpott Trail, off Philpott Road in the Joe Rich area of the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area.

A detailed assessment has been done throughout the approximately two kilometre long trail right-of-way which was burned in July by the Philpott Road wildfire.  It found burned and hazard trees, compromised root systems and large ash pits and holes from burned tree stumps.

The trail will be closed until at least spring 2018, while salvage operations are conducted and hazards are mitigated.  Fire-related debris that can’t be salvaged or chipped will be collected and burned on site when open burning is allowed.

For their safety, until further notice residents are asked to obey trail closure signage and stay out of this area.

For more information visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parks.

(October 31, 2017)

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Regional Park Closures and Flood Recovery Updates

The spring flood damage took its toll on several regional and community parks in the Central Okanagan.

Even though four remain closed and most likely won’t open until next year at the earliest, Regional Parks staff has been busy behind the scenes, laying the groundwork to get potential funding to help cover some of the cost of repairs. 

The Regional District has been documenting and detailing the damage to its parks and continues working with the Province of BC on park recovery operations to make repairs and get them open as soon as practically possible.  Due to the complexity and amount of work required at the both levels, it’s estimated that complete repairs may take in the order of 12-18 months. 

As a result, the following parks will remain closed until further notice: Hardy Falls Regional Park (after 1st bridge upstream including falls viewpoint), Mill Creek Regional Park, Fintry Community Park Access #1 (Boat Launch) and Killiney Beach Community Park. 

And, the following parks will remain open with restricted capacity:  Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park and Glen Canyon Regional Park (Lower Section Gellatly Road to Town Center). 

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says, “We thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we work through the process to fund repairs and reopen these parks, getting them back to the shape they were in before the unprecedented flood waters severely damaged them.” 

“In the meantime” he says ”you still have plenty of time before the snow flies to get out and enjoy some great fall visits to any one of the other 28 Regional Parks that are open..  Visit www.regionaldistrict.com/pickapark for links to all our regional parks and reconnect with nature.”

(October 16, 2017)

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October 13th Start for Open Burning

Open burning season in the Central Okanagan will begin at 5:00 pm tomorrow (Friday, October 13th) when air quality and venting conditions are good for those property owners obtaining a permit from their local fire authority. 

Under Regional District and local fire bylaws permitted open burning season may start October 1st and must be complete on April 30th.  This year, Central Okanagan fire chiefs decided with the elevated fire hazard to postpone issuing permits until late tomorrow afternoon. 

Eligible property owners must obtain a burning permit from their local fire department.*  Those eligible to burn within the four Central Okanagan East or Central Okanagan West electoral area fire protection areas (Ellison, Joe Rich, North Westside, Wilson’s Landing) may call the Regional District at 250-469-6223  to obtain a permit.  (Long Distance Collect Calls are accepted weekdays only between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, excluding holidays).

Before lighting any fire, property owners with a valid permit must call the toll-free Outdoor Burning Hotline:  1-855-262-2876 (BURN) to determine if open burning is allowed on a particular day.  Both the Venting and Air Quality conditions must be good in order for burning to occur within Central Okanagan fire jurisdictions.  This information will also be available each day after 8:00 am at regionaldistrict.com/airquality.

Those property owners with permits should follow these Best Practices to reduce smoke:

  • If conditions allow open burning, ignite fires after 10:00 am when venting conditions are usually more favourable;
  • Pruning’s, branches and stumps must be dried for a minimum of two years;
  • Make smaller piles with good air ventilation for more efficient burning.

Under the Regional District Smoke Control Bylaw, nuisance smoke from open burning is not allowed in the City of Kelowna, the District of Lake Country, City of West Kelowna and the Central Okanagan East and West Electoral Areas or under the bylaws of the District of Peachland.  Yard waste such as leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, weeds and other garden waste are not allowed to be burned.

Violators could receive a fine or be charged with the cost of putting out the fire.  Residents are encouraged to report anyone illegally burning on a non-burning day by calling the Regional Fire Dispatch Center at 250-469-8577.

All Central Okanagan property owners are encouraged to use other clean air options to dispose of their yard waste.  

  • The bi-weekly curbside yard waste collection program is underway through November 30th and residents are reminded to only place leaves, grass, pine needles and small pruning’s inside their wheeled yard waste cart with the green lid closed. 
  • Residents may also use the free yard waste drop off program at the Glenmore landfill until December 31st.  It’s open from 7:30 am to 4:45 pm daily (closed Dec. 15, 16, Jan. 1) and up to 250 kilograms/550 pounds and 20 centimeters or less in diameter may be dropped off for free.  Fees apply to yard waste loads exceeding the free maximum weight and diameter). Starting in January 2018, fees will apply to all yard waste dropped off at the Glenmore landfill.  Fees apply for yard waste disposal at the Westside Residential Waste Disposal Centre off Asquith Road in West Kelowna (Open 7:30 am to 3:50 pm Friday through Monday).  When transporting loads for disposal, please make sure they are covered. 
  • A number of private companies offer wood chipping and grinding services or rent portable chippers.  Some may also pick up yard waste for disposal.

Under Provincial Right to Farm legislation agricultural burning is allowed and it accounts for most of the burning permits issued in the Central Okanagan.   Before starting any fire, farmers must call 1-855-262-2876 (BURN) or visit regionaldistrict.com/airquality to ensure burning can take place on a particular day.  As an alternate disposal method, the Regional Air Quality Program is working with farmers to encourage using the Agricultural Chipping Program.   The program offers a Best Management Practices handbook and DVD to help farmers.  Funding is still available for agricultural producers who wish to participate in the chipping program.   Please contact the Regional Air Quality Coordinator at 250-469-8408 or email airquality@kelowna.ca. 

Central Okanagan residents are reminded to check with their local fire jurisdiction regarding regulations and restrictions regarding campfires, chimineas and other outdoor wood fire burning devices.  Campfires are not allowed at any time within the City of Kelowna.

* Fire Department Jurisdictions for Permits

  • Central Okanagan East or Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas 
    (Residents of Ellison, Joe Rich, Wilson’s Landing, North Westside fire departments):
    • Call the Regional District 250-469-6223 weekdays only 8:00 am – 4:00 pm excluding holidays
      • Note:  North Westside residents may call ‘Collect’ or avoid long distance charges by using a cellular phone. 
  • City of Kelowna residents - Kelowna Fire Department  250-469-8801
  • District of Lake Country residents - Lake Country Fire Department  250-766-2327
  • District of Peachland residents - Peachland Fire Rescue Service  250-767-2841
    • Weekdays only 8:00 am – 4:00 pm excluding holidays
  • City of West Kelowna residents – West Kelowna Fire/Rescue  778-797-3200
    • All burning permits are issued from Lakeview Station 32, 2708 Olalla Road

(October 12, 2017)

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New $400 Rebate Available for Upgrading Old Wood Stoves

As overnight temperatures begin to dip, the timing couldn’t be better for anyone thinking of changing out their wood burning appliance. 

There’s a new cash incentive available for Central Okanagan residents who upgrade their old wood stove to a cleaner burning one.

The Provincial Government is now offering a $400 rebate for replacing an uncertified wood stove with cleaner appliances such as new pellet stove, an electric heat pump or a gas or propane stove.  While funds last, this new cash rebate is effective immediately through the Central Okanagan Air Quality program.

The original $250 rebate is still available for those who replace and recycle their old wood burning appliance with a new EPA/CSA certified wood replacement.   Participating Central Okanagan retailers will take care of recycling your old stove and provide all the necessary paperwork for the applicable rebate.

Regional Air Quality Coordinator Nancy Mora Castro says “. We’re excited to offer the additional incentive to help people change out their older, inefficient, polluting wood burner with a more efficient and cleaner appliance. The incentive level has been changed to reflect that some replacement appliances have a greater air quality benefit than others. Using the newer technology cuts smoke polluting emissions by up to 90% and could reduce the amount of wood burned by one third.” 

Additional incentives may be available, so be sure to check with your local retailer or Fortis BC for more information.  To take part in the program, visit one of the participating Central Okanagan retailers, or contact the Regional Air Quality Program for more information airquality@kelowna.ca or 250-469-8408. 

A list of participating retailers can be found at regionaldistrict.com/airquality. That’s also where you’ll find useful information and video links on how to burn smarter and get the most from your wood heating appliance.

(September 20, 2017)

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Document Download Problems? 

Recently the Regional District has become aware of periodic problems regarding the inability of some users of our website to open Adobe PDF documents that had been previously accessible.  They've received an error notice saying that the document they were trying to open is not available. 

We understand that the problem has been caused by a recent Microsoft Internet Explorer Security update.  This update on the user's computer has broken the ability of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to open and access previously downloadable PDF documents in Internet Explorer. 

Should this problem occur on your computer system, please download and install the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can find this by following this link:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html or by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon on the bottom right corner on each page of our website. 

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your continued support of the Regional District of Central Okanagan website. 

For information or queries about our website please contact:  webmaster@cord.bc.ca 

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Regional District of Central Okanagan | 1450 KLO Road | Kelowna, BC V1W 3Z4
Ph: 250-763-4918 | Fax: 250-763-0606 | Email: info@cord.bc.ca
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Closed Holidays)