RDCO Response to COVID-19 Virus

Events / Meetings

September 26 -   Kokanee Interpretive Pr...
September 27 -   Kokanee Interpretive Pr...
September 28 -   Cancelled - Regional Bo...
September 29 -   Instagram Live Interpre...
September 30 -   Kokanee Interpretation...


    • Stage 1 Odd/Even Irrigation

      As needed, customers of RDCO water systems may water outdoors on alternate days based on their street address number.

    • Bear Awareness

      Please watch for bears and other wildlife when connecting with nature in our regional parks.

    • Nut Harvest and Sales Changes

      Important information in light of pandemic regarding changes in procedure at Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park.

    • Cougar Sightings in Regional Park

      Visitors should be aware when visiting Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Regional Park.

    • No Smoking/fires in Regional Parks

      Violations could result in fines of up to $1000.

    • Precautionary Water Advisory Removed

      A water quality advisory has been rescinded for Sunset Ranch customers.

    • Ambassadors Provide Recycling Education

      Our recycling ambassador program is again visiting Central Okanagan neighbourhoods to help ensure residents with their recycyling.

    • Kokanee Interpretation Programs

      Have questions about kokanee salmon answered starting this weekend from 11-3 at Hardy Falls Regional Park.

    • Get a Free Radon Test Kit

      The RDCO Air Quality Program is offering free radon test kits for your home.

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