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Central Okanagan Dog Control Services work with, supports and encourages responsible dog owners across the entire Regional District.

We recognize that most dog owners are responsible in the care and control of their pet and in doing so, act as a good neighbour in handling their dog on and off their property.  They licence their pet, leash it in public keeping it under their care and control at all times and pick up and dispose of waste.

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The Central Okanagan Dog Control Service will enforce the Consolidated Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw No. 1343 in order to hold dog owners accountable for their responsibilities.  We maintain and operate the Regional Dog Pound for lost or found dogs.

Dog owners must be active partners in working to prevent problems from occuring and in holding other dog owners accountable for good dog behaviour.  When owners properly care for their dogs, train their dogs and develop a good understanding of their responsibilities, the number and severity of dog-related problems decreases along with the need for enforcement.

The Principles of Responsible Dog Ownership

1. Provide a Licence and Permanent Identification

A current and valid dog licence tag must be worn on a dog's collar or harness.  The licence is your dog's ticket home, should it unfortunately get away.  This ticket home allows Dog Control Services to reunite lost pets with their owners and families.  Think of it as reunification insurance!  The Regional District enforces a Zero Tolerance policy on all unlicensed dogs.  The fine is $300 plus the cost of purchasing a dog licence and any applicable impound fees.  It will be reduced by 50% if the ticket is paid within 14 days.

2. Spay or Neuter your pet

'Fixing' your dog so that it can't breed not only prevents overpopulation, but it makes for a happier and often better behaved dog.  There are also potential health benefits that your veterinarian can explain to you.

3. Provide training, socialization, proper diet and medical care 

A basic obedience training program for your dog at an early age, is often the first step to having a well socialized and behaved dog.  Responsible dog owners ensure their dog doesn't bite, bark at, threaten or chase other animals, people, bicycles or vehicles.

4. Don't allow your dog to become a nuisance

Dogs must be leashed in public, unless in a designated off-leash area or park.  Dogs must be securely contained on your property.  This helps to reduce the potential for conflicts.  Responsible dog owners pick up all waste produced by their dog.  They also ensure barking, which is instinctive for dogs, does not become a nuisance for others, especially neighbours.


All dogs in the Central Okanagan must be licensed each calendar year, and must wear their dog tags for identification.

The Dog Pound is located at 890 Weddell Place, Kelowna (between Richter Street and Gordon Drive) Link to Map. 250-469-6284. email info-dogcontrol@cord.bc.ca Click here for link to  Dog Pound page.

  • The Regional District also provides contract Pound services and assistance as requested for the Westbank First Nation reserve lands only.  Services are NOT provided for the Okanagan Indian Band IR # 7 lands in the Lake Country area.

The SPCA Animal Shelter is located at 3785 Casorso Road (near Benvoulin Road in Kelowna) and you can phone 250-861-7722.  The Regional District Dog Service provides acceptable unclaimed dogs for adoption to the BC SPCA as space is available in SPCA Shelters.  In 2015, 66 dogs were transferred to the SPCA for adoption!

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