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Audio is available for Regional District Board and Governance and Service Committee meetings - MP3 files will be available in the days following a Regional Board and Governance and Services Committee meeting.  Please select the appropriate  Board meeting date file or  Governance and Services Committee meeting date file to link to the Audio MP3 file for that meeting.  To listen you may require the free Windows Media Player

Vegetation Pruning along the Mission Creek Greenway

From March 9th through the 31st, sections of the Mission Creek Greenway will be periodically closed for pruning and vegetation maintenance. 

The Regional District of Central Okanagan apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and asks for their safety that Greenway users please obey any barricades, signs and flag people and stay out of any closed areas.

The trail along the north side of Mission Creek between Lakeshore Road and Gordon Drive will be completely closed while crews and equipment are at work.  In addition, temporary closures of the trail can be expected upstream from the Casorso Road Bridge.

A contractor for the Ministry of the Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, Public Safety and Protection Branch will be pruning and removing brush and hazardous trees to allow visual inspections of the dike during periods of highs flows in Mission Creek while ensuring dike integrity.

Residents are encouraged to use other areas of the Greenway while this work is underway.  

For more information on the trail closure, please contact the Regional Parks office at 469-6232. 

For information on the dike vegetation maintenance, please call the Ministry of the Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations at 250-490-7876.

(March 5, 2015)

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Applications Welcome for Advisory Commission Members 

If you live within the Regional District of Central Okanagan Electoral Areas and are interested in your community, the Regional District would like to hear from you.

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says “We’re currently looking for volunteer members to serve on the Environmental Advisory Commission and the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Advisory Planning Commissions.”

He adds, “These groups work with our Planning staff to advise the Regional Board by reviewing development applications for the potential environmental impacts, land use and planning issues within the Electoral Areas. They also provide input into the preparation of Official Community Plans and proposed bylaws or permits.”

Members of each Advisory Commission will be selected on the basis of their demonstrated interest and participation in community matters, academic and/or technical qualifications, availability, work experience, knowledge, professional expertise, and land use planning. 

Information about each of these Advisory Commissions is available online by visiting regionaldistrict.com/advisorycommissions or by contacting the Regional District Community Services Planning Section by email at planning@cord.bc.ca or by calling 250-469-6227. 

There’s a convenient link to an online form that can be completed and submitted on the Regional District website.   Forms may also be downloaded, completed and dropped off in person or by mail.

(March 5, 2015)

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'Art in the Park'

Here’s an opportunity for every member of your family to let their creative juices flow, inspired by the beauty of a regional park!

‘Art in the Park’ takes place in Kaloya Regional Park (Trask Road off Oyama Road) in Lake Country from 10:00-11:30 am on Sunday, March 15th.  Local artist Marjolein Witteman Thompson and Regional Parks staff will help you explore your inner artist using natural and recycled materials!  View Poster

And while there, you can also lend your artistic talent to Lake Country’s 20th anniversary Mural Painting Project.  You don’t need to be an artist to paint a 12 inch by 12 inch panel, applying specific colours. All instructions, paint and supplies will be provided. This is a special opportunity to create one of 480 panels that will be assembled for this large, public mural.

‘Art in the Park’ is part of the Regional Parks ‘Families in Parks’ program.  There’s no cost to take part and participants will receive everything they need to create their artwork.  Please pre-register by emailing eeco@cord.bc.ca or calling 250-469-6139.

For more information visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parksevents or contact the EECO at 250-469-6140, email eeco@cord.bc.ca or drop into the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan in Mission Creek Regional Park, Springfield and Durnin Roads.

(March 4, 2015)

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EECO Spring Hours and Exhibit Update Closure

The EECO located in Mission Creek Regional Park (Springfield and Durnin Roads) will be closed Tuesday, March 3rd  and Wednesday, March 4th to allow staff to update the ‘Unbelievable Bees’ exhibit.

Visitors can look forward to some fresh features for the exhibit when the EECO reopens on Thursday, March 5th.

Even with the closure, Story Time will still be held at its regular time, 10am on Tuesday, March 3rd.

And with spring just around the corner, the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan will be adjusting its operating hours.   Starting Tuesday, March 10th, the EECO will be open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and weekends from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For more information visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parks or contact the EECO at 250-469-6140, email eeco@cord.bc.ca or drop into the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan in Mission Creek Regional Park, Springfield and Durnin Roads.

(February 27, 2015)

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Composter Sale Begins March 1st

Here’s your chance to cut your garbage in half and do your yard a huge favor this gardening season with a new backyard composter. 

“Backyard composting is super easy, anyone can do it, and it’s something the whole family can get in on![‘ says Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart with the Regional District Waste Reduction Office. “All you needs is a good mix of greens and browns (nitrogen and carbon), air and a little water. Imagine the satisfaction of making your very own nutritious super booster for your garden, and making it from stuff you would have otherwise just thrown out!” 

Stewart adds one third to half of household waste is easily compostable. ‘If you recycle and compost you could  be putting as little as one or two grocery bags worth of garbage out for collection a week, far less taxing on our one remaining landfill.  And by adding nutrient rich compost to your garden, it’s pay dirt for your soil-- greener grass, healthier flowers, more robust  fruits and veggies.”

The Regional Waste Reduction Office’s annual sale features backyard composters for $35 (tax included), a big savings from the regular $100 retail price. Pre-ordering is a must though if you want one. The pre-order sale runs March1st through March31st, with composters ready for pickup in your community in early May, just in time for gardening season.  

Stewart adds residents seems to like the pre- order sale format because it ensures everyone who wants a composter gets one, unlike the big one day only sales of the past where it was first come first serve and then they were gone.

“Backyard composting doesn’t suit everyone, so we’re also offering the Green Cone ’food digester’. If you have no use for finished compost, this unit is low maintenance, takes all types of food waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, cooked and uncooked meat, fish, bones and dairy products, and can even handle pet waste. We also have worm bin composters available, which are the perfect model for those in apartments or condos.”

You can choose from three different types of composters: a one- piece backyard composter, the FreeGarden Earth ($35), the Green cone food digester ($95), or the Wormcycler worm bin ($80.)

For details on the composter sale, to place your order (starting March 1st), view your payment options-including  online payment, or simply to find out more about which model is best for you, visit regionaldistrict.com/compostersale or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250.469.6250.

(February 23, 2015)

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Yard Waste Pickup Starts Again March 2nd

If all this mild weather has sent you out in the yard for some pre spring clean- up, you’ll be happy to hear you can start using your yard waste cart again, yard waste collection is back on!

Starting Monday, March 2nd, all residents on municipal curbside garbage collection can benefit from yard waste pick up every two weeks until the end of November.

Simply place your yard waste directly into the cart with the green lid and wheel it out for pickup every other week (alternate weeks to your recycling pick up).To determine your yard waste collection week, please refer to the Living Greener Calendar  at  regionaldistrict.com/recycle, or download the convenient  smartphone app at regionaldistrict.com/mywasteapp.  This gives you the information in the Living Greener Calendar in the palm of your hand!

Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart says “Collecting yard waste separately means it can all be composted, which saves landfill space and reduces congestion at the landfill. Last year alone we collected almost 14,500 tonnes of yard waste at the curb and turned it into high quality compost instead of it being buried at the landfill.”

Stewart adds your collected yard waste is turned into compost known as GlenGrow, great for amending your garden soil, so it’s very important to keep the yard waste free of any plastic, garbage or other foreign matter. GlenGrow is a superb soil amendment and top dressing, available for purchase at the Glenmore landfill in Kelowna.

You’re reminded to put your yard waste out for collection by 7 am on the morning of your regular garbage day. Please make sure the lid is closed, and that you don’t put any garbage, plastic bags, rocks, sod, flower pots, landscape cloth, or kitchen scraps into the yard waste cart.

Accepted items include:

  • Leaves, needles
  • Wood chips, bark
  • Garden plants
  • Fruit droppings
  • Grass clippings
  • Branches and pruning’s up to 5 centimetres (2 inches) in diameter and less than one metre (3 feet) in length

Up to two additional 360 litre yard waste carts can be purchased from your municipality. For additional yard waste carts and collection options, contact your municipality or follow the links at regionaldistrict.com/recycle.

To purchase GlenGrow compost please call 250.469.8868.

(February 20, 2015)

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Regional District Receives Federal Trail Building Funds

The Honourable Ron Cannan, Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country, on behalf of the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities, and Intergovernmental Affairs is happy to announce that the Kelowna Snowmobile Club and the Regional District of Central Okanagan are  receiving federal funding to improve and develop recreational trails in the region.

The Kelowna Snowmobile Club will receive $27,500 for trail improvements through its Okanagan Highlands Snowmobile Project, while the Regional District of Central Okanagan will receive $61,000 for trail development connecting the Lebanon Creek Greenway Regional Park and the Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park.

“By building on the vast network of recreational trails that run throughout the Okanagan, we are offering residents and visitors alike the opportunity to experience yet another great outdoor experience.  This will have a positive impact on the local economy and encourage people to enjoy what the Okanagan has to offer,” said MP Ron Cannan.

“We’re extremely grateful for this federal funding to help build a new five kilometer trail, along with funding signage, fencing and footbridges over Lebanon Creek,” said Regional District of Central Okanagan Chair Gail Given.  “Design work on the $142,000 recreational corridor will be completed this spring with construction planned through the summer. We expect that the new trail will be officially open for the public this fall,” she said

Thanks to a partnership between the Government of Canada and the National Trails Coalition, $10 million has been made available between 2014 and 2016 to help expand and rehabilitate Canada’s snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and non-motorized trail system.

(February 17, 2015)

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Nature Detectives Wanted for Spring Break Camps 

Registration is now underway for this year’s Nature Detectives Spring Break Camps at the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan in Mission Creek Regional Park (Springfield and Durnin Roads).  

Youngsters taking part are encouraged to unpack their sleuthing skills and hunt out who’s been in the park during these camp sessions.   Activities for children aged five to seven run from 9:00 am to 12noon, March 17th to 19th and March 24th to 26th.   All camp participants will enjoy a variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities that are designed to encourage and spark their interest in the natural environment. 

Please register in advance at the EECO.  The cost is $60 per youngster for each three-day camp session.  

For more information visit the Regional District website regionaldistrict.com/parks or contact the EECO at 250-469-6139, email eeco@cord.bc.ca or drop into the centre at 2363A Springfield Road in Mission Creek Regional Park.

(February 16, 2015)

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Eco-Art at the EECO 

Bring your imagination and join in the fun Saturday mornings for ‘Eco-Art at the EECO’.  

Each Saturday morning at 11, you’ll create works of art with recycled and natural materials.

There’s no need to pre-register for this free program, just drop into the EECO a few minutes early.   All ages are welcome to take part!

The Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan is located in Mission Creek Regional Park, Springfield and Durnin Roads.

For more information please visit www.regionaldistrict.com/parksevents, drop-in or call the EECO at 250-469-6140.

(February 11, 2015)

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Good Time to Review Annual Flood Preparations

Central Okanagan property owners that have had issues in the past with flooding should take some time now to dust off their flood preparation plans.  It’s a good time to review and update the steps they take each year to protect and prepare their property from potential flood damage. 

The snowpack at the lower elevations is starting to melt as a result of warmer than normal temperatures.  In many valley bottom areas of the Central Okanagan, the snow has already disappeared.  These unusual conditions means that area creeks and streams, which don’t usually see increased flow until later in the spring, are starting to see more water.

While it’s too early to say whether there will be any potential problems with flooding, the Central Okanagan Emergency Program encourages property owners in flood prone and low-lying areas near creeks and streams, to consider how they’ll protect their properties.

Property owners are reminded they are responsible for having a plan as well as the tools and equipment necessary to protect their properties from possible flood damage. 

Local governments and the BC Ministry of Environment are watching water levels and weather conditions in advance of the annual spring runoff.  If needed, advisories, watches and warnings will be issued. 

Information and pamphlets on flood preparedness including a recommended method for sandbag diking are available from the Regional District of Central Okanagan office (1450 KLO Road) and the main City of Kelowna fire hall on Enterprise Way as well as on the Be Prepared page of the Regional District Emergency Program website www.cordemergency.ca and on the Emergency Management BC website:  http://embc.gov.bc.ca/em/floods/preparedness.html

Later in the spring, stockpiles of sandbags will be available at local fire halls throughout the Central Okanagan.  Property owners are responsible for providing their own sand to fill the bags.

In the event of an emergency and activation of the Central Okanagan Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), the latest information will be available online at the EOC Public Information website www.cordemergency.ca and via Facebook (www.facebook.com/CORDEmergency) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/CO_Emerg).   Central Okanagan residents are encouraged to subscribe on the website to receive email notifications from the Emergency Program.

(February 10, 2015)

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Regional Parks Fuel Modfication Projects 

Until the end of April, Central Okanagan residents should be aware of some fuel modification projects and open burning in three different Regional Parks. 

Over the next several months, crews will be disposing of dead and hazard trees in Kalamoir Regional Park, Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional Park and in Rose Valley Regional Park.

Some trees that were killed as a result of vandalism near the King Road entrance to Kalamoir Regional Park will be burned when air quality and venting conditions are favourable.  The work in Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional Park was identified in a hazard assessment and will remove and dispose of trees that were destroyed or damaged during the 2012 Trepanier wildfire.  And as crews are available the BC Wildfire Management Branch will conduct controlled burning of collected debris piles in a portion of Rose Valley Regional Park above Bear Creek Road off Bowes and Pettman Roads.  Its crews removed hazard trees and did other fuel reduction work last year as part of a larger, ten-hectare multi-year fuel modification project.

Please be aware that trails through these various work areas may be temporarily closed.  For their safety park users are asked to watch for signs advising that trails are closed and that they stay out of any closed areas of the park.    

Debris pile burning will be conducted in accordance with Air Quality and Open Burning regulations when open burning is allowed for qualified property owners in the region. 

Once a decision is made to proceed with burning on a particular day, local fire authorities, media and neighbourhood organizations will be advised.  The information will also be available on the Regional District website.

For more information visit the Regional District Parks Services webpage regionaldistrict.com/parks, email parks@cord.bc.ca or call 250-469-6232.

(January 30, 2015)

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Make Sure Your Address Is Easily Seen from the Street

Seconds count when responding to emergency calls.  But something that’s sometimes taken for granted may result in unnecessary delays for emergency crews heading to a call for help. 

Property owners in the Central Okanagan East and Central Okanagan West Electoral Areas are reminded that it’s their responsibility to post visible address numbers that can easily be seen from the street.   “Reflective address signs are even better” says the Manager of Fire and Inspection Services for the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

Dan Wildeman adds, “Having your street address number posted so it’s visible from the street makes it much easier for police, fire or ambulance crews to correctly identify your property.  It helps to reduce any possible confusion and delays in trying to find your property in an emergency.  And it’s especially important for rural property owners to make sure that their address is clearly visible because sometimes a house is located a distance from the road.   So an address sign located off the street at a driveway or access road is very important.”

The Regional District of Central Okanagan Building Numbering Bylaw No. 1185 requires the owner of every building assigned a building number to permanently display the number on the front of the building or at the front of the premises on which the building stands.  It’s recommended that address numbers be in a contrasting colour to the background to which they’re attached and they should be at least three inches in height.

(January 27, 2015)

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Document Download Problems? 

Recently the Regional District has become aware of periodic problems regarding the inability of some users of our website to open Adobe PDF documents that had been previously accessible.  They've received an error notice saying that the document they were trying to open is not available. 

We understand that the problem has been caused by a recent Microsoft Internet Explorer Security update.  This update on the user's computer has broken the ability of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to open and access previously downloadable PDF documents in Internet Explorer. 

Should this problem occur on your computer system, please download and install the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can find this by following this link:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html or by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon on the bottom right corner on each page of our website. 

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your continued support of the Regional District of Central Okanagan website. 

For information or queries about our website please contact:  webmaster@cord.bc.ca



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