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Sign Bylaw

The Regional District of Central Okanagan Bylaw No. 885 regulates the use of signs.

The Sign Bylaw was enacted to protect the visual appearance of lands and buildings from the effects of signs that may be inappropriate as to size or location and to allow signage to the extent permitted in the bylaw.

It is enforced by complaint and applies only to the Electoral Areas of the Regional District.

A Building Permit is required for Free Standing signs and Projecting signs. You may download a copy of the Building Permit application form on the preceding link.

You may view a copy of Bylaw No. 885 here. Please note that it is placed on the internet for convenience only and is not to be considered the official or legal copy of the bylaw. Please contact the Regional District for a certified copy.

How to Register a Complaint

  • Email -  Rhoda.Mueller@cord.bc.ca 
  • Telephone - (250) 469-6214 (Inspector's 24 hour voice mail)
  • It is helpful if you include any or all of the following:
    • civic address or best detailed description of problem location
    • any owner or occupier information (if known)
    • your specific concern
    • your name, address and phone number, so the inspector can contact you for further information (not mandatory, but helpful and is not given out)

Please note that the bylaw is not enforced pro-actively. Your concerns or complaints must be reported to initiate enforcement

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