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The Regional District administers six water distribution systems. These vary in size with the smallest system encompassing eight properties and the largest system encompassing over 700 properties. See  table below.

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Fall Water System Flushing

The annual fall flushing of the six RDCO water systems will take place over seven weeks beginning September 15th.  Crews will work system by system flushing main lines between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Roadside signs will be posted in advance of crews working in an area.  View News Release and link to Questions/Answers about the Flushing Program.


The regulations for the management of the water distribution systems and the terms and conditions under which water services may be provided are set out in Consolidated Bylaw 1268.   User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees vary according to the number of users and the maintenance required for each particular system.   In addition, as of April 1st, 2012 a Consumption based water billing rate is in effect (during a billing quarter, water use over 90 cubic meters will be charged 35 cents per cubic meter).  View Rate Structure Information 

The bylaws are provided for convenience only and are not to be considered the legal document. Please consult the official version of the bylaws to ensure accuracy.


Emergency Water Contacts

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm - 250-469-6241.

  • After Hours/Stat Holiday Emergencies Only - 250-868-5299.

Water Customers should direct Billing Inquiries to the Regional District Finance Department at 250-469-6239 or by email.


Water Systems Financial Information
The following links to Financial Information for each water system are being provided for improved communication and transparency.  Each document link will open in a new window so that multiple documents can be opened at the same time for comparison.


2012 Information Open Houses
The following sessions were held to outline the new water rate structure and consumption-based billing changes:

June 19th Information Open House and Presentation for North Westside Road

May 17th Information Open House for Sunset Ranch system

May 9th Information Open House for Falcon Ridge system

April 18th Information Open House for Killiney Beach, Westshore and Upper Fintry/Shalal Road/Valley of the Sun systems

April 11th Information Open House for Star Place/Dietrich system


Outdoor Irrigation Restrictions are in place for customers of the six RDCO water systems .

 Engineering _Outdoor Water Restrictions Web
  • Link to Outdoor Irrigation Restrictions Information Sheet
  • During Stage 1 and 2 restrictions Outdoor Watering is only allowed during the following hours:
    • Properties with Automated irrigation may only operate between 12 midnight and 6:00 am on their allocated watering day
    • Properties with Manual irrigation may only operate between 6:00 am and 11:00 am and 6:00 pm and 12 midnight on their allocated watering day.

Water Talk Newsletter

Water Conservation Tips
We can all work together in conserving water!   Estimates suggest each day Westside residents use almost twice as much water compared with the Canadian average.  Please do what you can to protect and preserve our valuable resource.  

Living Greener in the Central Okanagan (Television Commercial)
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                                                    RDCO Water Systems (Jan. 2014)

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Water System (click on name for pdf map)

# of Customer Connections 

Falcon Ridge  (water source - Well)


Killiney Beach (water source - Okanagan Lake)


Star Place/Trepanier (water source - Creek)


Westshore (water source - Okanagan Lake)


Sunset Ranch (water source - Well)


Upper Fintry, Shalal Road, Valley of the Sun 
(water source - Well)


Customers of the systems above should direct Billing Inquiries to Regional District Finance and Administration Services at 250-469-6290 or by email.

Water Main Flushing Program

Utility Acquisition Policy - (adopted November 2011) 
This policy will guide future acquisition of utilities by the Regional District.  The policy standardizes the process by which the Regional District will consider taking ownership of any utilities such as private water or waste-water treatment systems and ensures that due diligence is done on behalf of utility customers and regional district ratepayers.

Link to Engineering Water and Sewer Maps

Links to Interior Health  Turbidity FAQ's

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