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Governance and Services Committee

The Governance and Services Committee is made up of all the Directors of the Regional Board.  It usually meets once a month and acts as a form of Committee of the Whole for the Regional Board (Board Meeting Schedule which is subject to change).  For 2012, Director Robert Hobson is Chair, while Director James Baker acts as Vice-Chair.

With incorporation of the Westside District Municipality in December 2007, the Governance and Services Committee role was expanded to include consideration of matters previously discussed by five separate Board committees (Air Quality, Engineering, Parks, Planning and Environment and Transportation)

Audio is available for Regional District Board and Governance and Service Committee meetings - MP3 files will be available in the days following a Regional Board meeting.  Please select the appropriate  Board meeting date file or  Governance and Services Committee meeting date file to link to the Audio MP3 file for that meeting.  To listen you may require the free Windows Media Player 

The Committee is responsible for various roles:


  • Air Quality, Engineering, Parks, Planning and Environment and Transportation
  • Regional Service Review
  • Fiscal Capacity
  • Governance Issues involving the Regional Board
  • 9-1-1 Service
  • Emergency Planning
  • Financing

Meetings of the Governance and Services Committee are open to the public.

Click here for a list of Meeting Dates
Click here for the list of Committee Agenda
Click here for a list of approved Committee Minutes

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